How do I find genuine and legal nintendo ds games related questions

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How do I find genuine and legal nintendo ds games1Queenie2012-01-08 00:29:56
I am looking for real games (not copy) of Nintendo DS
Trading in my nintendo wii and games (white nintendo wii)?1meeeeee2012-09-06 20:13:01
I would change my Nintendo Wii (white ) with drivers 15 and Nintendo Wii games , including Michael Jackson 's dance game, Underwolrds Tombraider , Legends and anniverary , Wii Sports , Wii Party , karaoke joy and more games. How much do you think would be able to get for the Wii and games? I'm negotiating with Game
I am thinking of buying an old nintendo ds (original) from my friend. which games should i get?0Sammy Squirrel2012-09-04 13:07:02
Anything white diamond and black pearl . I have red sapphire and emerald fire advance. I've played so many times that I know almost everything there is to know about them . I'm a little sick of them so any suggestions ? thank you very much in advance . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I would also be able to trade or migrate from emerald to one of them ? I've heard rumors that you can . Also I have an action replay i just emerald , so I have a lot of options now with Mew , deoxys etc and want in my new games. thank you! !
What is a very good or best website for pokemon trading on the Nintendo DS games?1lez2012-09-29 10:47:02
I would need a website that is used for pokemon wifi as in trading and battling with people online. Like a pokemon community that people can post up their own threads and get replies from people who are nice enough to help or/and play along with. My game is Pokemon White and i am trying to complete and collect more pokemons for my pokedex. Thank you.
Who wants to trade me a nintendo 3ds in mint condition with a couple of games and a memory card for my Ps3?1Masy2012-08-16 05:04:02
160 Gigabytes with 19 Playstation network games already installed on it and Call of duty Premium, i stay in Wilmington by Long beach let me know!
What Is the deal on trading in your Nintendo DS lite for a Nintendo DSi?1Cris2012-08-26 20:30:16
I have a DS lite ( w / original box because I'm THAT lazy) and I want to change it to a local Gamestop @ my DSi . What kind of deal that is ? I saw the commercial, and some $ 70.00 for DS Lite , more than the DSi? Is this true ? What is the actuall agree w / trade ?
Is it worht trading my Nintendo DS in for a Nintendo DSi?2Aerial2012-09-25 06:05:02
I know it has a camera, and you can put your SD card in the DS.. But I also heard you can't play mp3 songs on it. I know it's thinner, and a bigger screen. But they took out the Gameboy Advance cartridge.. Is it honestly worth trading my DS in for? So far, I think it's just a hype for the kids.. Since after all it barely came out and the camera seems appealing, but tell me what you think.
Where can i trade in my nintendo ds for money off a nintendo wii?0Andrei2012-11-04 18:40:44
I have a nintendo DS with two games (brain training and Mario and Sonik at the olympic games) including charger etc and all in MINT condition - i think ive used it twice! But i want a nintendo wii now to share with the family but they are still pretty pricey so i was thinking of trading my DS and games in to get some money off a nintendo Wii. Do you know anywhere that does that? Thanks :)
How will I find genuine buyers of garments?1shaharyar2012-09-29 07:41:02
I am looking for new buyers of ready made garments from USA, Canada, UK, Australia and other Western Countries. I do have some inquiries but it seemed that most of them are just simply looking for samples to be sent to them freely. Sometimes, I find format which is almost similar to one another.
The list of where to find cheap genuine it?1Xan2012-08-03 18:01:50
The list of where to find cheap genuine it? Such as the title. O King of domestic Rossini table table, in which CCTV Network News the kind of regular timekeeping toot toot. Meet under the vanity to buy a few. The store is expensive. Certainly not worth that much money. But less, difficult to talk about discounts. Found a few online mall to sell the table, only to sell watches in Europe and America, made the table did not. Hope to help look for other places, very anxious. Thanks! Do not say Taobao, I asked, where cheap is cheap, but they can not invoice, or they will raise taxes too much trouble.
Where can I find a good supply ONLY genuine?0llama2012-07-27 03:36:02
Please visit the Web site to find the answer you want www.everbar.netb. Tel: 13910900646 Miss Tian c.QQ1.100206919QQ2.982080906QQ3: 1257982872
Where can I find a good supply ONLY genuine?1Star Berst 2012-03-22 11:24:43
Please visit the website to find the answer you want www.everbar.netb . Tel : 13910900646 Miss Tian c.QQ1.100206919QQ2.982080906QQ3 : 1257982872

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