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Why Baidu has picture ad1Kgothatso2012-08-28 16:18:02
Why Baidu has image ads
Please take a look at Baidu GM, why can not I Baidu Post Bar in posting or message ah? ? ?1Dancer2012-08-04 11:44:03
I do not know for the community it? He said that I do illegal operations. . . Questions added: pictures
The picture that make is used, font is inserted to use what software in the picture, is Photoshop OK?1Jill2012-05-22 02:33:22
The picture they used , font is inserted using the software in the picture, Photoshop is OK ?
I am in QQ space built a module in the definition oneself, the picture was added inside, why I add what picture is to demonstrate invalid link1fraction 예 half2012-02-07 23:52:19
Master , the side is resolved
I should buy chemical product, does manufacturer have the Wu that send tax to register picture and register a picture reliable? Can give him to hit money to trade toward company account directly1Jessie2012-04-22 19:28:10
I have to buy chemicals maker are not tax Wu sent to take pictures and record a reliable ? Could you give money to hit the trade to the company account directly
How to use Gif of Flash translate into picture picture1Fran2012-02-02 19:19:26
Using Flash Gif image results in image
Consult! After logging onto QQ for the first time, when loginning again, how to show the picture of the password that loses number, skipped directly however the picture that my number is logging onto1Canti2012-04-16 19:05:29
Do not others see my content? After installing the ability to nod QQ, display the image you lose the number and password ? ? ? thank
Why Baidu know everything1Dex of Ust 2012-04-24 01:47:37
Baidu problems everything is resolved ?
From how to use Baidu MP31Ilma2012-07-19 14:42:02
From using Baidu MP3
Baidu's illyj know who is?1Quenna2012-02-06 02:46:17
Calls were recorded with the illyj ? I want your personal information , thanks!
Baidu What makes you such a cow!0shandell2012-07-22 21:38:02
Baidu What makes you such a cow! Baidu What makes you such a cow! Has recently been plagued by one thing, the day before yesterday, when eight or nine at night, I and my family watched TV together, hear the phone ringing, I wonder, generally at this time no one call me, unless it is friends and relatives what's urgent ? Is something wrong? I quickly picked up the phone, the call is connected, a voice over: Hello, I am here, the company is Baidu, Baidu search campaign under way, and now prices are very favorable ---------I heard the furious, at the time, and beat that calls to me, I asked the salesman: "You are so late that harassing customers like it? Did not see it now?" The salesman actually plausible "We call it deliberately this time, because during the day to call customers will shirk busy, no time to answer the phone, so the effect is not good, so we mean to our managers to fight at night, because the rest of the night, there is no excuse not to take our phone, the effect is obvious. "I shouted to:" the effect of harassing customers is obvious, if I sleep? It's not you wake up? you about the things I do not need, thank you "and hung up Tel. The sales call I received a lot of one day, but the first time in the evening'd received such a call, who'd come up with this ingenious attention, but he take into account the client's feelings? Received so many harassing phone calls during the day has enough trouble in the evening can not we just clean, like to complain, have no place, nobody now this. The next day, I actually received that the company has sent a short message, the content generally, let me contact them, face to face negotiations, and says can I join the call list to avoid harassment. Had my number in their harassment list, the estimates have to spend money to avoid harassment to join their list of rights. Telemarketing has always been a low-cost, high efficiency, marketing methods, if used properly, can do only a small customer to obtain the effects of large gains, but now after a lot of confused ideas the good salesman, and play it many repeated harassing phone calls, others have made clear that the case also repeatedly refused to play the customer number, also joined the harassment customer list, as if not a dogged look. What effect do it? In addition to increasing resentment of customers in addition to waste their phone bills. And regardless of where the feelings of their clients, sometimes clients are meeting, or inconvenient to answer the phone that the occasion was still chatter. Do not know if anyone has to deal with this nuisance calls? Wind. Water. Man wxysr original of this post has been edited on 2007-11-19 11:45:01
baidu.yes1000.com1Wrong when the tender love2012-05-26 09:01:12
baidu.yes1000.com upload my site had a traffic monitor , this time I do not know what intellectual property is often to visit my home site , and without exception, baidu.yes1000.com search to my site. I almost no links to national sites through IP , and now every day dozens of pages to see me baidu.yes1000.com included. PS: my site is included on page Baidu 0. I know these people at the end want to do.

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