Does network firewall give QQ software port shut how to open? related questions

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Does network firewall give QQ software port shut how to open?0chaundra2012-07-02 20:15:01
Do they harbor QQ network firewall software to close the way to open ?
Open about killing the webpage of poisonous software, the webpage is shut automatically, cannot download the software that reduce toxin namely, how to solve!1Justi2012-08-03 20:28:50
My computer virus became the medium, relevant data sought in the network , saying the star is that luck using " Orange Money" can kill, but may scan for viruses just can not kill, the star again that luck kills poisonous software use , but down without having to download again the method in the network. Bad drivers CD . How Do I? Who has any idea of the settlement. I do not want the refund system.
My computer should open a network address only, it is with respect to meeting occurrence dialog box " Iexplore.exe produced a mistake, can be shut by Windows you need to start a program afresh1duck2012-05-08 07:34:03
Open a web page to see this kind of circumstance following website also did not fail to close a dozen around the world to call for help automatically resolves the ace to me, asked
How to shut 1434 port, known friend told me in detail please1사과2012-04-04 04:21:09
How to close port 1434 , a friend told me that he knows in detail please
Problems within the network port1*ģ�����*���K�* 2011-12-22 05:01:26
I can use the LAN ~ Now many schools are playing online games can not be addressed ~ card, two sword nor bt D & D ~ which says the school is closed the port to what I can ~ ~ do you can play games huh? ? ?
Where there are 696 phone calls Puda firewall software download1Bella2012-04-24 21:04:55
Where there are 696 phone calls Puda firewall software downloads , I downloaded many, many more can not be used , some require registration, I do not know how to get there , there is no direct download can be used . Thank you all !
My firewall Etrust Personal Firewall switchs on the mobile phone to hint I expired recently, excuse me this how add period? Should still change alignment name?1 - In fact. -2012-05-28 00:26:29
When I installed before, an order of the alignment searched the net , it is suggested that expired now, the probability can still be used. Where the program refer to the defeat of the solution or the number of new series
I installed Kaspersky 6.0 Personal Edition anti-virus software, also installed Rising Firewall Can ah?1beaver2012-03-27 20:33:11
I installed Kaspersky 6.0 Personal Edition anti- virus software is also installed AH Rising Firewall can ?
Computer pop up a window of soil, but the windows firewall stopped, the window did not open, it will have contracted a virus?1Cathy2012-04-05 20:48:15
Computer pop a window of the earth, but the windows firewall is stopped , the window does not open, have contracted a virus?
What is the serial port, what is the parallel port, What are all1michella2012-07-25 06:20:02
What is the serial port , what is the parallel port , what are all
I would like to work later in the network (preferably software) for1cheese 2012-03-17 06:36:22
But I have no knowledge , I would ask what the school Haozhaogongzuo . The best high level to make the software work .
I ask what software can implement a local area network hard drive?1Michelle G 2012-02-20 22:59:38
I am a professor of computer science, in order to achieve a very easy to send and receive operations, I learned that there is a network hard disk can be achieved, the server computer to do with the teachers , the map of the machine students to a network drive . Send and receive files on the LAN implementation . When this type of software hasah, how I could find . Expert guidance please. I had to use the shared folder, but the virus is too powerful. First thank you all. I am now only 10 points , gave us a

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