What's a good book or resource to learn about investing/trading stock? related questions

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What's a good book or resource to learn about investing/trading stock?1Natha2012-08-10 18:41:01
i wanna throw like $1000 on scottrade and play around with the stockmarket. i know very little about investing. could anyone point me toward a good book or resource to learn about trading stock, IRAs (should i or shouldnt i), etc.?
Whats the best way to learn about stock exchange & investing?I've never done it before and am totally ignorant0brenda smith2012-10-21 18:32:38
I want to start stock trading and learn about the workings of the stock market .. what is the best way to learn that ... Can anyone recommend me a book or a website or otherwise please ... Thanks for your cooperation ...
Where is the best resource to learn the basics of stock and options trading?1tara lee2012-10-15 04:27:03
Including the jargon , what options are and how they differ from stocks, short selling, day trading , etc.
Any good resource for intra day stock market trading?2darnell2012-07-14 09:30:02
Where I can get information from the trend likely to continue in the stock market ? I mean I need some prediction / forecast / tool for intra day or short- term market value .
What is a good book to learn about quant trading?1VINI2012-10-10 19:06:02
I know nothing about quantitative trade and am looking for a good book to start.
Whats the difference between day trading, e trading, and investing in the stock market?2poisoned rose2012-10-14 15:45:03
So that I know which of these books to get to learn the basics http://www.amazon.com/Investing-Dummies-Business-Personal-Finance/dp/0764599038/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1210879631&sr=1-1 http://www.amazon.com/Investing-Dummies-Business-Personal-Finance/dp/0470228024/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1210879631&sr=1-8 http://www.amazon.com/Trading-Dummies-Business-Personal-Finance/dp/0470171499/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1210879631&sr=1-7
Where can I go to learn the basics about buying, trading, and investing in stock?3Serrena2012-10-26 17:45:03
I want to learn what it is to be a marketing director. what website?
What is the best book to read to learn the basics and fundamentals about the stock market and trading?0Curious Student2012-07-13 05:21:02
I am finance major and am very interested in the stock market. Does anyone have a good book for me to read to get more associated with the stock market and effective trading techniques.
Whats a good book for learning how to invest online?0tammie2012-09-12 00:00:03
Buy , Sell , and stock trading .
Whats a good trade to learn thats in high demand w/ good pay?0Wella2012-10-20 15:34:55
I went to community college to become an RN . but the nurse math, science went to intensive , so I decided that I should have my LVN . becuz rather think this trade courses is less intensive than going to a trade school for LVN , but had to leave and my loan was paid ( thank goodness) becuz there are some community colleges offer courses LVN told me . LVN nursing is a good field to secure my future or should I look elsewhere ? if you see a good field schools that offer home study or schools close for Victorville California im looking for classes that do not require you to take a loan stuident again, as trade schools
Whats a good subject/ trade to learn?0Nazgul2012-09-27 23:19:01
Does anyone know what kind of jobs / occupations are good to go now for the future ? Just a few years ago was the plumbing .
Does anyone know a good book about stock trading?3Sowmiya2012-06-30 14:42:02
Hello, I have really wanted to learn to trade stocks . I am looking for a good book for beginners. Any help appreciated. Thank you.

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