What is the best burning hot in summer, may I ask what materials to add?

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Summer is here, which can be added to hot tonic Angelica Codonopsis pot , like it! You still have to add a little heat, and material, and I some virtual blood !
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Almond Pear lean meat broth Ingredients : fresh pears Ischaemum three , twelve lean meat (400 grams) , almonds were one or two (about forty grams ) , peanut oil , salt and a small bowl of water twelve practices: ( 1) wash Duckbill pears , peeled, except the heart , almonds clean meat, lean mass blocks the original wash . (2) of boiling water in pork , pears and almonds , Wong Tai rolling fire , changes in the fire and slow fire , burning about two hours and serve. Note: This soup can be fuel , salt , may also be short to drink , fresh lean meat soup throat material Mangosteen: Mangosteen quarter of a large, eight legs ounces of pork ( about 300 grams and twenty) , a small piece of dried tangerine peel , water bowls ten practices : (1) orange peel soaked in clean, original pieces of pork Laundering (2) water, and dried tangerine peel mangosteen put in an upright position pot , stir to a boil, then the pork, then roll the switch to low heat to burn for about two hours. Notes: (1) Purchase of mangosteen, the color of dark brown , shiny, does not sound when the preferred gait (2) the soup for asthma due to summer heat of the mangosteen has a fever , cough and phlegm, promoting the role gastrointestinal and inhibit the function of asthma.
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