What sort of value would a complete set of series 1 1989 wwf superstars of wrestling trading cards have today? related questions

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What sort of value would a complete set of series 1 1989 wwf superstars of wrestling trading cards have today?0Cookie2012-07-02 14:12:01
The non - mint, but in good condition .
How much is a complete NHL 1989 Topps trading card set worth?0Auggie2012-07-25 01:53:02
I have the complete trading card set, with multiples of every card. It is in like brand new condition they just sit in the box and never even get touched. I went through my old box with all hockey memorabilia. I have a crazy amount of cards but forgot I had this complete set. Just wondering about how much it is worth or worth anything at all.
Nuojiya series of mobile phone N and E series the sort of good1Cleva2012-02-09 22:14:39
The advantage of these two types of sets and detailed failure ie dry
Fleer Baseball logo stickers and trading cards 8914-A 1989 Set?0Alina2012-07-09 15:35:02
I have a face without opening Baseball logo stickers and trading cards box . the serial number on the button is 8614 -A and it is a set of 1989. the factory seal is not broken thus , the cards are perfect conditions. I wonder two things. 1 . What cards and the interior of the box. 2 . What is this all worth it? Thank you very much .
TNA wrestling TriStar Trading Cards. Does anyone know where I can buy them in england Manchester area?3Ethan2012-09-09 20:33:02
I've seen them online but I want to find a shop that sells them.
What series of webkinz trading cards are better, 1, 2, or 3? Niece's B-day coming up!?0shea2012-09-04 01:39:02
What has the most codes and more fun with these online pet thingamagics .
How much are the Quotable Star Trek, The Origanal Series Trading Cards Worth?0Analise2012-07-15 07:22:02
How much would an almost complete set of x-men trading cards go for?0johannah2012-07-12 11:24:02
i have almost got the entire Collection of trading cards that were put out for the x men Series..and now i'm looking to get rid of them. how much could i get for everything?
How many cards are in each complete set of 1992 and 1992 Marvel Masterpiece trading cards?0Stripperella2012-07-11 00:14:03
My husband needs to know.... He bought 2 "complete" sets of 1992 and 1993 Marvel Masterpiece Cards. He knows he is missing the checklists for both, buts wants to know how many cards are in each set to know if he was cheated or not.
Does anyone know what a complete set of the halo trading cards is worth?0kokodiva2012-07-21 02:30:02
Does anyone know what a complete set of trading cards worth halo ?
How much is a Complete Set of Marvel Universe Super Hero Trading Cards worth from 1990?0Jaxx2012-07-28 06:05:00
I have a complete complete box of mint "Marvel Universe: The Official Marvel Super Heroes Trading Cards" Series 1. It is from 1990. Thanks!
I have a whole bundle of X-Men cards, the old ones like from the 95 series. What can I do with them?0kare2012-08-12 17:17:02
Should I sell or trade them away? I do not think are very hot right now , but I'm always looking to make an extra buck or two.

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