What is the difference between trading the futures market and the spot market? related questions

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What is the difference between trading the futures market and the spot market?2alexllly2012-10-11 13:47:02
What is the difference between trade the futures market and spot market ?
I want to know about the commodities trading stratagies both in spot and futures market?0Sima2012-08-04 04:44:49
What is the difference between currency futures & spot price?0AYANNA2012-10-16 02:00:24
For example , if the futures price is 46 then what is the cash price ? What counts is negotiated and where ? I know that is traded on NSE and MCX . But what about spot prices ? When changing money ( Western Union ) or any Bank rate is different from those listed on the exchange ? Or spot price and the future price are the same. thanks
Spot market for commodity trading?0Shawnda2012-09-21 04:56:02
I know there are options and futures market commodity , but is there a spot market for the commodity trade as well ? ( USA, Europe only)
Please tell me about SPOT GOLD ( golabal market trading )?2Maximus2015-04-27 01:46:34
Tell me about spot gold ( golabal market trading ) ? MedlinePlus Trading Account already in the Indian market only NSE and BSE MedlinePlus want to trade spot gold market ... 24 hours is market ...? MedlinePlus is like an Indian market index or future .... ? MedlinePlus pls tell me how to start trading and how to take advantage of spot gold market MedlinePlus 1 lot = 100 oz ..... ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
What are the benefits and disadvantages to trading silver on the spot market?0Kgothatso2012-07-14 09:03:02
What are the advantages and disadvantages in the silver trade in the spot market ?
Fab turbo ( trading robot ) is work in spot gold market?1Vanna2012-10-13 00:12:03
fab turbo ( trading robot ) is work in currency forex... we want to know it is work in spot gold market ....???? pls tell me ...
How to Spot a Good Stock Market Software for online Trading in BSE/NSE/Commoditiy and Currecny ( All in one)?0Juanita2012-08-18 00:13:04
How to spot a good market archiving software for online transactions on the BSE / NSE / Commoditiy and Currecny (a company that has it all in one) ? 1 . India , Bull 2 . Anagran 3 . India Infoline 4 . angel 5 . religare 6 . HDFC Securities 7 . Direct Icici 8 . Kotak Securities 9 . Jmfinancial 10 . Bonanza 11 . Sharekhan 12 . Motilal Oswal 13 . Reliance Money 14 . Geojit
ECN Broker vs Forex Market Maker - What's the Main Difference between ECN Forex Brokers & Market Makers?0Gustav2012-10-27 15:14:38
I am willing to understand the differences between these two types of currency trading brokers .
What are the trading hours for the futures market?0ohwoo2012-07-29 10:07:02
I am referring to futures contracts on the S & P 500 or ESH2 . I know the days and hours that I can place trades . Thank you !
Two questions on the futures trading market.?1chocolate2012-09-23 19:12:02
Say you buy a gold futures contract few contracts . Like most was just trying to speculate on the price of gold and have no intention of getting involved with the liquidation of the ingots . I'm assuming that the person who created the contract , the writer has to have physical gold in hand . If most of the vendors do not offer in settlement where the gold ? Are these synthetic paper contracts only ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also, how does the suspension of trading in a few days before settlement work ? I'm a newbie here any help would be greatly appreciated
Strategies in trading the stock market using futures?0amy blogs2012-10-03 15:51:19
I've heard many people use futures to judge how the market will react the next day .. MedlinePlus http://www.bloomberg.com/markets/stocks/

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