What should I pay for a 2009 Nissan Altima 39 month lease? trading in 2006 Xterra? monthly payment? related questions

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What should I pay for a 2009 Nissan Altima 39 month lease? trading in 2006 Xterra? monthly payment?0Note: Darknet created 277-284... email i 2012-07-01 19:25:02
I'm leasing the 2006 Xterra and have $ 3,100 left for 9 payments
Is this a good deal? Trading in an Altima for a 2011 Sentra lease...?0mrsweetlaeh2012-08-22 13:38:02
I bought a 2002 Nissan Altima 8 months ago for $ 8750. Since then , the engine light has come on 4 times . This last time he emerged as the replacement catalytic converter you need, which was quoted to me at $ 2000. The dealer gave me the option of negotiating to do a college graduate lease -purchase of a 2011 Nissan Sentra SR . The deal would be $ 150 a month for 39 months , 15,000 miles per year , with a $ 2,500 back to me . This deal also includes all taxes , registration fees, etc. - without additional charges . Is this a good deal or should I shop around elsewhere? Thank you !
Nissan Altima 2002 value?1Chamberlain2012-08-27 07:58:02
Hello I have a Nissan Altima 2.5S 2002 with 57k miles on it. I'm considering trading it in or selling it and getting a new car. Around how much do you think I can get for the car by selling or by trade in. The car is in average shape however it has had its rear view mirrors replaced
I'm trying to get rid of my Nissan 2005 XTerra. Help!?0ALGERBRA2012-08-04 02:29:50
Basically , I want to get rid of my Nissan Xterra so no more payments owed ​​, while the acquisition of a replacement car . That owes approximately . 13k on my truck and know that a dealer will give me a trade in value or pay 8k. This is the best idea I can reach: Paying the loan 5k and 13k left only 8k. That way when I change my car , I will not be upside down and trade in a car that is 8k or less of its value. Does anyone think that you can actually pull this off or is there another option ( s ) should be the procedure?
Are the Nissan xterra and murano, good/realiable cars?1zhuie2012-08-31 01:49:03
I just want to know , because I plan to buy one or trade in my current car ( a 2009 nisssa Altima Sedan 2.5 SL ) . So I want to know what are the pros , the cons , the advantages , the history of each, and which one is better . If I were to buy the Xterra , I would take the Xterra Pro - 4X . As for the Murano , I would like the murano sl awd or him . Furthermore , whic would be a better buy and which one to get. I shoulda waitthink Or until the next generation twothree ofaltimas these vehicles out . Thanks in advance
I'm looking into trading my 03 Nissan Frontier, my goal is to eliminate monthly payments.?0compare and contrast two theories on the causation of crime2012-09-24 20:54:02
Should I go with a vehicle model to eliminate more months. payments ? I have yet years @ least 1 1/2 mo over . w / my truck payment or should I hold out for 1 1/2 years. payment ? Need advice.
If I lease a shop and say after 1 month the business isn't been successful and I decided to stop trading?0mehak2012-07-27 06:09:02
still I have to pay the remainding in the lease for the remaining amount of years?
Trading in my nissan after good payment history?0mahalakshmi2012-09-16 22:16:03
my neighbor told me the other day that if I make 18 consecutive payments on time , could take my Nissan to the dealership back and change it, without any hassles , and which is financed by Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp. NMAC . Not sure if this is true , any help would be greatly appreciated. It is assumed that this is what the dealer told him when he bought his Nissan .
How do I go about trading in my truck or lowering my monthly payment?0Gozony2012-07-15 13:01:02
I bought my GMC Envoy last August 5 . I just had a decrease in revenues and the arm of my house should go in December. I'm thinking about trying to lower the monthly payment or trade truck for a less expensive vehicle .
Purchase one-time payment method used, the other requires full payment within three days to buy a house, have to give to the contract after one month if all the state meet? Traffic laws questions1Gilberta2012-05-05 01:18:57
Purchase a one-time payment method used , the other requires full payment within three days to buy a house , you must give the contract after one month if all the state meet ? Traffic laws questions
Which car is better overall, and which one would you get? Ford Focus 2010 Or Nissan Sentra 2009?2-][email protected][- 2012-09-27 16:17:04
Im trading in my old truck with cash for clunkers , and those are the two options I got
Would an infiniti dealer be able to get me out of a nissan lease to get an infiniti w/o any $ loss on my part?1MACROECON2012-08-17 04:08:04
I have a Nissan Maxima 07 with 14 months left and I called my local Infiniti dealer to see if I could exchange it for an Infiniti lease . They said it was possible, but would have to come to see the car. What should I know ? Are they trying to annoy me again? Or is it something that the lease would be willing to get me out of little or no monetary loss on my part, seeing that I will be renting an Infiniti , which is obviously more expensive? What are my options?

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