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How do I find Aluminium Dross?1cooper2012-10-09 07:22:02
How do I find aluminium casserole in UAE?2⺌. 尛 silly gung -2012-06-23 04:02:34
I ANUFACTURER aluminum pan UAE, which could meet my demand for parts 1500.000 and leafcover cover .
How do I find Aluminium 36 BKG from China2SeX Machine 2012-03-29 06:48:55
I would like to find a supplier of both 318 and 36 G2 aluminum aluminum BKG you can export to Australia.
How do I find gautam aluminium oxide?1Taylor2011-12-30 23:01:30
The company name is Gautam .. have all sorts of wheels
How do I find aluminium scrap 6063 from Germany?1Amherst2012-04-14 22:48:10
aluminum extrusion scrap 6063 ( purity: 98/98 %)
How do I find aluminium waste from South Africa?1Limuel2012-09-26 15:39:03
How I can find aluminum waste in South Africa?
How do I find aluminium aircond linear grilled in sabah malaysia?0Morie2012-07-19 17:06:01
How I can find the aluminum grill you went straight in Sabah Malaysia?
How do I find scrap hms 1 2 metal copper bras aluminium steel ir?1 ___ ゛ 尐 Ting Yang -2012-01-04 22:50:40
I wanted to know the final seller of HMS 1 & 2 Most people will respond , but have no stock
Asahan Aluminium 0adtech122022-02-22 22:26:26
Ceramic Foam Filters   Asahan Aluminium is the first key process that determines the application of aluminum alloy materials. It determines whether aluminum alloy materials have metallurgical defects and high-performance heritability, and dominates its application and development in various fields. In casting and rolling production, the amount of melt filtration per unit time is small, and the flow rate is slow. Casting and rolling are mostly pure aluminum and soft alloys, and the green body is easier to purify. Generally, 50ppi and 30ppi two-stage ceramic foam filter s are used. The thickness and area of ​​the filter can be determined according to specific overflow calculations to meet the requirements. Compared with casting and rolling, the production situation of castings is more complicated. The flow rate is large, and the filtering method of the filter is the same as that of casting production. The filtering flow is equivalent to more than 253.5 times that of the pouring roller, which reduces the filtering effect. In order to ensure the same filtration efficiency, the flow area of ​​the filter should be increased to make the flow per unit area of ​​the filter equal to it. Secondly, in the duralumin and super-hard aluminum alloy melts, the possibility of containing fine slag particles is much greater than that of pure aluminum and soft alloys. Therefore, the filtration efficiency cannot be reduced, but it must be greatly improved in order to melt. Asahan Aluminium introduced Ceramic Foam Filter  Asahan Aluminium is a product that achieves high purity. This product can be purchased through [email protected] Therefore, it is best to use Ceramic Filter. It not only increases the filtration surface area in contact with the melt, but also reduces the flow rate per unit area of ​​the melt. It ensures the filtration efficiency and flow rate. It can also reduce the filter pore size and increase the size of the filter to meet the production requirements. Porosity to improve filtration accuracy and reduce the number of residual fine particles in the melt. Four aluminum rod factories in the Jombang Sumobito district of Indonesia were shut down. Why? On January 22, 2021, four aluminum rod factories in Indonesia were seized by investigators from the Joint Law Enforcement Department of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Jabalnusra, Bali, Indonesia for handling the toxic and hazardous substance B3 (a type of aluminum slag waste) without permission. The four aluminum rod factories that were seized were located in Bakalan Village, Jombang Sumobito District. These four companies have been using B3 scrap (a type of aluminum slag) to produce aluminum rods since 2017, and the products are sold to household appliances and other industries. The person in charge of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry explained: “The company that was sealed up used B3 waste in the form of aluminum slag without a B3 waste utilization permit, and dumped the remaining waste on the road, etc.” According to relevant Indian laws, the heads of the four aluminum rod factories will be imprisoned for 1 to 3 years and fined between IDR to 300 million.
Aluminium non-stick cookware0krystall2012-07-15 19:30:01
This is Jessie from Yongkang Opmann Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd in China.We supply aluminum non-stick cookware set,frying pan,saucepan,casserole,wok,griddle,etc with good quality and very competitive price. kindly contact me if any questions. It is our pleasure to be on service of you!
what is the price of aluminium trunking1froGGlicker 2012-01-05 18:01:05
what is the price of aluminum per square meter trunking
Is aluminium oxide acidic or basic?0dingxinda92020-10-27 01:06:38
Al2O3 is an inorganic chemical reagent with chemical name Aluminum oxide. It is also called as Alpha-Alumina, alumina, alundum or aloxide. It is found naturally as corundum, Ruby’s, sapphires, and emeralds. It is an amphoteric substance, which reacts with both acids and bases. It occurs as solid and appears white. fused alumina manufacturer  It is odourless and insoluble in water. The most common occurrence of this compound is in crystalline form, called α-aluminium oxide or corundum. Due to its hardness, is widely used and suitable to use as an abrasive and in cutting tools. Aluminium oxide (Al2O3 ) Uses l Aluminium oxide is one of the common ingredients in sunscreen and also present in cosmetics such as nail polish, blush, and lipstick. l It is used in formulations of glass. l It is used as a catalyst. l It is used in the purification of water to remove water from the gas streams. l It is used in sandpaper as an abrasive. l Aluminium oxide is an electrical insulator used as a substrate for integrated circuits. l Used in sodium vapour lamps. fused alumina  is a very good ceramic oxide which has many important applications in the manufacture of adsorbents and catalysts. It is also used in the aerospace industry and in the production of many commercially important chemicals. Aluminium oxide can be obtained from the calcination of Gibbsite, which is denoted by the chemical formula Al(OH)3. The chemical equation for this reaction is given by: 2Al(OH)3 → 3H2O + Al2O3 Aluminium(III) oxide is an amphoteric metal oxide, i.e. this compound exhibits both acidic and basic qualities. The nature of the other reactant in the chemical reaction decides the acidic or basic nature of Al2O3 

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