How come the cubs are not signing or trading? we obviously need a lead-off men and a left handed slugger.?

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Asked at 2012-06-30 23:44:01
How is that puppies not signed or trade ? we obviously need a lead -off man and a left-handed hitter . ?
Answer1cohesterAnswered at 2012-07-02 20:37:02
well right now I think they're trying to get another pitcher ... we have said, if u go on your site that stopped with everything they need more bats left -handed in their line ..... was also an advantage I think they're going to put Theriot no ... or maybe sign someone , when its price goes up .... lou but now thinks he can do good with what we have .. were given second and atleast 8 or 9 players out for more than 20 sets both
Answer2REINY PLEASE HELP ME!Answered at 2012-07-06 11:13:02
"We"? Well, Cub fan.Here is why the Cubs are happy with what have.The Ricketts family is more interested in the Wrigley Field and the neighborhood around it.Have've seen some articles in local newspapers? They are making some improvements (a must, of course) to that dump that bought.They are also trying to develop the triangle outside the park.
Cubs fans at Wrigley Field will continue to go or any other event of the Cubs like lemmings to the rock, if the team is a winner or loser.There no motivation to earn money championship.The Cubs are a team from a poorly managed meaning, baseball, but they are a gold mine and a great investment in a commercial sense.
The Cubs need more than a leadoff hitter and left a real pitching.Try slugger.Try delivered a third baseman who do not spend a good part of each season that left fielder who DL.A know why he is using a glove. Fukudome? Now there was a great signing, could not have it.He hit .300 in Japan, but how is he doing here? And they need to improve your manager, Ryne Sandberg too.And, although it could be a fan favorite is not the answer to the Cubs question.Are any other teams out looking for a place in your bank, and why no? you need a manager with a proven record.Face, Piniella is so overrated, as I noted earlier come.As has led many World Series champions as Guillen.And Ozzie knows how much I think fans Cubs Ozzie.So why you think Lou was a genius?
And for those of you who think the Cubs should allow D-Lee walk and then go after Adam Dunn - Dunn will reach some 0,240 affected, home runs and striking out a few hundred times a year.Sounds Soriano a lefty me.Lee must be signed to what he calls for.He so good.
Answer3DragonAnswered at 2012-07-18 19:29:03
waiting for prices to fall
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