Where can I find info about gems trading in XIX e XX century? related questions

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Where can I find info about gems trading in XIX e XX century?0SMsm2012-06-30 23:20:02
I'm writing a book and i absolutely need help. I'm talking about a family in the gems trading and i need to find info about. Where they was finding the gems? how? thanks
How do I find solid 14k white gold setting without any gems mounted1Lanc2012-05-05 01:10:26
wants a ring 14k solid white tooth adjustment , adjust the center is oval and 14 or 16 sides prong center environment surrounding the center oval , stones do not want included , the ring when I put my jewelry engagement ring look like of Princess Diana, as I have no gems , however , I just want to buy the first ring. Is there anyone who can help me? Must be 14k solid gold - not alloy . Thank you. Shelley.
Which areas in the USA has most people trading Forex? I can't find any info on this anywhere!?0Larner 052012-09-27 23:37:03
Just curious . I know that for online stock trading , most areas in the U.S. covered. But Forex is a high risk scenario and that is full of trickery , I do not think ordinary people would change . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My friend started a new company that offers real-time quotes for free Forex and asked if I would participate . Well , I want to know if the time and effort you put in will be worth it . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What areas of the U.S. has the most people who want to trade in Forex ? What kind of people like currency trading ? My sense is that most hedge fund managers in New York who do ..... individual rather than middle class people .
Beijing - Paris trip century century large-scale events - recruitment launched1some kid2012-06-28 19:21:02
1907 -2007, the historical meaning of the "Great Wall of dialogue with the Eiffel Tower" Beijing - Paris trip activities and ever, hot recruitment is ongoing. The event set a "fun, fun, elegant, rich, detailed economic and security" and other factors, especially for the love of driving, traveling, playing custom cars friends an extraordinary journey. The founder of the event, Mr. Rui Meijie, as honorary president of the company, like cars in the world, an expert in car, successfully conducted the "Paris - Moscow - Beijing Rally", "Mercedes-Benz Paris - Beijing "and many other major international activities, the most important historical event" in Beijing - the city-century Paris "to give more excitement and hope. Security measures, Rui Meijie as "Paris - Dakar", founder of the information itself, is only used "Paris - Dakar" health professionals to protect participants and take part in "Paris - Dakar" Twenty years of professional experience staff car repair, so that each vehicle in case of unexpected problems, timely resolution. After 9 countries in over 30 cities in the distance, we will carry out various elements of entertainment and significant responsibility in general for the event, Mr. Zhao Peng to meet the participants enjoyed the fun of travel more and demand, it was decided to only use the hand in early May, then go again to return to the route of the event was extended to the extent possible, to enjoy maximum travel and leisure. And use all available resources, as much as possible to register participants in this event the best treatment. Committee also decided to open a day at the distance of a radio relay in recreational activities, each half day, per vehicle as a total series, led and carried out to explain; award committee will be selected, and the other for each of the participants in the happy every day and enjoy a different experience. The event is not a fan of traveling by car with the previous activity, Beijing - Paris trip activities and ever, most importantly, participants in the trip, to review the history and ideological deeper feelings, this event can be described as high-level public, high-end action. Beijing - Trip to Paris forever and ever, Olympic headquarters in Switzerland, home of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) of the location - Lausanne, I personally will Fuwa International Olympic Committee, a mystery and there is some prestige in the VIP to complete the visit, tens of thousands of years and the 2008 Olympic Games in China, desires and expectations. All participants will be the final destination - Paris to participate in this event by the organizing committee, the China Central Television CCTV-4 hand-built production "Rise of the trip - the Olympic Games", a festival of great star. Star bright light years far more glorious. Every moment of joy, accompanied the mission and history of travel routes and rich in different forms appear in the mainstream media, blogs and web, their families, friends, loved ones will be at the same time to share the journey with you bit by bit. The event started from March 2007 entry, May 15, 2007 closed. More registration information, please call: 008610 -64020509 dissemination, 84032860.84039570, please visit the official website of the company: www.gaccr.com together! Learn to progress, thanks to her, we will support
Need 925 sets of semi precious gems with CZ's5magpie2012-05-23 01:01:11
I am interested in the purchase of 925 sets of jewelry such as rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets with semi precious stones such as citrine , blue topaz , opals and other , whether women or white sapphires and cubic zircon. I do not want to have large companies MOQ , which have high MOQ please do not even respond . thanks, Oscar Fernandez
HOW TO FIND BUYER'S INFO IN ALIBABA ?1Veronica2012-10-15 09:38:01
Many members still not optimal in using Alibaba Source in getting information of Buyers. want to share with you all, in what ways or how to find a buyer via Alibaba?
Which public website do you find useful for stock market news/info?0Jessica Lopez2012-10-24 12:36:59
I already use cnbc.com . Bloomberg , thestreet.com , globeinvestor.com , prophet.net for graphics , and tradingday.com for intraday trading
Besides company websites, where can I find comparison info on the world's stock exchanges. i.e. mkt. cap, vol0Chris G2012-10-27 02:02:53
I'm comparing NYSE , NASDAQ , AMEX , Euronext , LSE , etc and I am looking for market capitalization, daily trading volume , the number of listed securities, etc. Is there a place or table with this kind of comparative data . I've been searching individual websites and it is taking too long . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks
Can anyone give me info on down trading?0Jansi2012-07-26 23:08:01
Do car dealers give you cash if you trade in a more expensive car then the one you want on the lot? Maybe they give you blue book value? I own my 2008 Jeep Liberty. I need the cash for personal reasons. If you have any info on this please let me know. I would really like to get a less expensive car off the lot and get the difference back in cash. Selling it myself might take to long!
Does anyone out there have any stock trading ideas or info?1Gabi2012-11-05 00:49:02
Does anyone out there have any idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtrading or information ?
Info about forex trading in india?0Destiny2012-09-12 00:21:02
I want to know everything about currency trading in India , its tranaction through , what are the institution for this trade . pros and cons of this business.
Info on trading in Wii games to stores?0Bow to kiss your 2012-11-04 05:28:57
I want to trade my Mario Party 8 game into EB Games, it's about 10 months old, and in good condition. How does it work when you trade a game in?

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