Dongguan city inferior does plug-in unit of electron of limited company of engineering of peaceful Electromechanical equipment solder is treatment true? related questions

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Dongguan city inferior does plug-in unit of electron of limited company of engineering of peaceful Electromechanical equipment solder is treatment true?0Destinee2012-06-30 14:19:01
Everybody becomes the friend that the electron machines, see Dongguan city inferior was treatment message sent outside the electronic product of limited company of engineering of peaceful Electromechanical equipment, there is what impressions after doing not have those who had looked to see next Http:// through leaving network address! Have what doing, some saying fall, wither first here!
Is Dongguan company treatment true1Beccalynn2012-02-19 01:28:45
Saw the introduction of the company in Dongguan, looks do not think a little, know is the truth!
Unseal city town changes engineering equipment to be in is what company1ditch 2012-03-11 22:14:19
This unit decided cutting machine 30 access roads to our agency in Shanghai. The prices of all cases RMBS 435000 . No counter-offer . Also did not inspect the plant productivity . I know about going to the person signs a contract. Probability.
Dongguan city luck contains trade limited company how1阿富汗2012-02-22 08:29:39
Does the fate of Dongguan contain trading company limited (not Hong Kong increased luck agency Dongguan International Limited Liability Company ) this company , how?
Is Gu Tang of city of endowment this world carves engineering limited company company of a sincere letter1 · ① generation zi love you -2012-05-01 02:57:48
I hope that every teacher can help solve
Plastic products limited company breaks silicon of billows of Dongguan city sea heart break one's promise, how can be you done?1Alexandra2012-04-22 18:15:33
As the sea of plastic, like waves Dongguan business manager Li Dongliang signed a contract to make the ring from the hand of a batch of silica gel 23 January 2009 , about the unit costs of drawing a modular design went to 1,500 yuan , doing what the contract when the goods signs a goods delivered on 29 January. To deliver the goods that tells you want to call when the date Yitian Chi , 30 phone to tell him to send , requested time to give me an odd number with time , I can see what this record without immediately asked again, says help me to do, the result passes a new day. FEBRUARY 2, where the surname is yellow young woman then sent the blade of a piece of state that gives me , exploration , saying it is for shipping. Do not have to return to the responsibility of all, we are just phones colleague department all together, do not pick up the phone , close the phone machine again later. Matters not handle this thing communicates with the client , the client end , extends the time after the first year of 10 activities. We are looking for a factory to fill all the world to make money, February 5 , when the hand of the ring comes to the company , the amount is small however , 500. Ring did not intend to hand in time to the base of the amount will be unoriginal , look good plant to initially fill do what this link approves the hand to once again retired. Results of the amount is small , yet eventually became filled with 800, the mold charge lights payment, the price becomes time. If you encounter this kind of factory , how can it be done?
Garment factory in Dongguan City, Dongguan Xin source overalls, Dongguan, uniforms, work clothes, Dongguan, Dongguan clothing1Fitzgeral2012-03-15 00:12:30
Garment factory in Dongguan City , Dongguan Xin original monkeys , Dongguan , uniforms , work clothes , clothes of Dongguan , Dongguan
Limited company of Shenzhen city Guan Jie electric equipment, help me inquire it is OK to fall please?0valua patterson2012-08-01 02:02:02
I took the money of 1000, be in Guangdong there, they say to want to pay the insurance gold of 2000, because be the thing of evade taxes, do not be at ease, must 2000 yuan! This is cheater! The company that they are above Alibaba is limited company of Shenzhen city Guan Jie electric equipment! Help me inquire it is OK to fall please?
Limited company of equipment of communication of Guangzhou heart sth resembling a net is true1N-IN-NAMES 2012-03-16 02:07:43
Limited liability company communications equipment in Guangzhou, the heart resembles a network of STH is true
Limited company of trade of A Duo of city of new short for the Yihe River how? Be true1COMB 2012-04-29 02:17:31
Limited company of trade of a duo of the city again short for Yihe River , how? Be faithful
It is true that excuse me next Shenzhen city abstruse beauty add trade limited company?0jag2012-11-03 08:50:36
Hello, how much is the reliability that leaves Shenzhen city abstruse beauty to add trade limited company excuse me? He does not support pay treasure to pay /
Inspire confidence in sb of city of Hubei chaste tree dark environmental protection is energy-saving does equipment limited company exist0Nomfundo buthelezi2012-07-26 06:32:02
Drop before the Spring Festival , will receive 18 ----- The phone started, check for conferring low as the city of Hubei celestial being peach , it says it is limited company of science and Anli Cheng technology city of Hubei chaste tree, have a kind of model solid lubricant 100 networks that the product encouraged me to become an agent, it receives but a few days ago because of the protection is city ​​of Hubei environmental chaste tree darkness to inspire confidence in the SB is the energy saving black silk ribbon of brilliant product ABB equipment company limited silicon [ Shuo is actually very cheap ingredients com].

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