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Are the lakers trading a player to help Kobe next season?3Lamber2012-07-21 20:46:02
I haven't heard anything yet! I think they should get a good big man because Kobe can't do everything for the Lakers! He did so much last season, and he needs a good supporting cast! Kwame brown sucks and Bynum needs time! Why can't ht elakers trade somebody? Also, why can't Garnet leave the Timberwolves? Correct me if i'm wrong, but, i dont think he's winning smthg with them! He's not even going to the playoff! is he all about the money?
Are the Lakers management thinking of making A HUGE HUGE MISTAKE OF TRADING KOBE AWAY from the Lakers?4Elenny2012-11-04 12:49:05
Are they (Jim and Jerry Buss and Mitch Cupcake) trying to compensate for past mistakes , making the biggest mistake of them all? - The trade of Shaq at the time made ​​sense, because Shaq was coming in the form of fat and every year and he was more of a liability ... but knew it would turn right around and lose 40 pounds and get himself in shape in Miami (I've never done here) ... As a Lakers fan , im not angry about that because the trade that made sense at the time But there I've tried elsewhere than Miami for Odom / Butler / Grant ' s big fat contract as we tested starless return - Operate with a potential all -star Caron Butler and a good score on the PG Atkins for Kwame large bust and fat $ 9 million a year contract - Signature Vladimir Radmonovic 6 years 30 million - Continued Radmonovic after he got into an accident and injured his shoulder ... I should have cut his contract when it had the option . He never fit in the triangle offense to stay with him ?
Which player do u think could join the Spurs this season, or in mid season trade?0Khadijah2012-10-21 05:43:00
Which player do u think Spurs will trade mid season or in the future? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Where u think Antonio Mcdyse he will have 30 days to choose a team. Spurs can take it, I hope not. Thinking? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Why Vince McMahon so boring, and all hands wwe? MedlinePlus Why his show became so boring these days, Vince is the reason why they are being disrespected his legend is the reason he is losing his fan Vince is right. Why never votes counted for Cyber ​​Sunday although u use ur phone, want to earn more money and he will do what he wanted. Cyber ​​Sunday's vote was false, never admit it, they want to make money. Why the place u go to vote this way you can compare the number of people going to each day more than other links. His legend get less title shot and not getting respect each week. John Cena and Batista getting all the title fight and making the show worser, put two in the Summer Slam 08 that was boring I gave 2/10, EDGE vs Undertaker was great, I give 7/10, Cm Punk when he won his first world title never had the opportunity to hold the title longer. I read complain u fan has about WWE, and hating Cena etc. I blame Vince for making Cena and Batista in a star rated. How come HHH has become 12 times champion because of Vince, at least had break after WM21 lose over Batista, but Cena and Batista never had a break from competition. It was just to get away from ppv, still the show became boring. Lost Sting, Kurt Angle, Mick Folly because they disrespected, it is better for them in TNA as Vince McMahon not mind at all. Seen TNA fighting hard each night makes me proud with this effort if put into the WWE Vince confidence I wont give them a title shot, if it was going to end up like HBK and Undertaker have a title shot 3times years. MedlinePlus Im watching TNA over WWE, which will bring back the brand and improve. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Jeff Jarett vs Sting will be a great match for TNA like they had past ppv. MedlinePlus But this game will beat all matches wwe had over the years on RAW, SmackDown and ECW match. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Why bring Floyd can overcome the past of WrestleMania, the reason is that he wants Floyd fans to watch wwe too. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Vince does not know how to handle the business, to be a businessman or need more fan attention, does not work that welcoming another show ur star and handing the money over a month. Some people had a dollar only when he passed out his money, it was shame. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I felt happy for Ric Flair or Vince retired screw him, it is fortunate that he won his first IC title. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I think the movie is better than WWE because it is not about just two people taking all the attention in the movie, but all the attention taking em too. MedlinePlus Join TNA and see the difference, see only for a month. See it, to believe it. Try MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Cyber ​​Sunday voting is fake, and the persons or beliving this and get ur stupid, Im telling the truth MedlinePlus Sorry MedlinePlus Overall I think Vince McMahon is priceless MedlinePlus
Would trading kobe to the suns be the best deal the lakers could get?0Jay Tillman2012-10-01 13:41:02
no team in the East that has talent like heat , Pistons, Cavs , networks , or have offered anything bulls kobe ​​bryant . Mavs are disinterested but I think the Suns have the pieces as Shawn Marion , Raja Bell , and Barbosa . If they do not trade kobe ​​to soles will not get the same value and will be the worst in the history of trade since shaq nba commercial trash except Lamar Odom .
Why would the lakers even care about not trading kobe to a west team?5lt2012-09-24 05:11:02
Lakers will not win a title no matter who trade, the only difference is that you might have to play an extra game or two against a total of 82 games.
ESPN's Ric Bucher said Lakers should be open to trading Kobe?2mlm2012-08-25 05:43:20
What is your opinion? Do you agree with him? Bucher said that Jerry Buss is the Lakers want to improve in the long run with a young team and Kobe Bryant of 33 years do not fit their plans for the future so you do not want to build around Kobe Bryant.
Are the lakers trading anyone next season?3Shauny2012-10-24 08:28:03
who needs to leave la in your opinion? my opinion is this 1. luke walton - this guy is hurt and even when he plays he doesnt contribute 2.-adam morrison - hes weak, ill ball him up 3.sasha- for his own good if he wants more playing time somewhere else
If the Lakers kept Marc Gasol instead of trading him, where would they be at this season?0Joshi2012-07-04 23:31:03
I asking it because I think Marc is better than Bynum so why the Lakers not trade Bynum for Pau last year? BQ:Who is better Bynum or M. Gasol? BQ2:How is going in your Easter day? BTW,Happy Easter basketball section,sorry too late
Which Point Guards this Off-Season should the Lakers consider signing/trading for?1Charlotte Holmes2012-10-26 00:18:01
1. Kirk Hinrich 2. Darren Collison 3. Mario Chalmers What do you think?
Is Kobe Bryant the most selfish player ever?7Kasi2012-10-27 08:22:02
Not long ago, everybody was comparing him to Michael Jordan. But I think we can now see that this comparison is totally bunk. MJ would never have done half the stupid things Kobe has done: break up a championship team (no matter if he didn't like Shaq or Phil), get involved in a rape trial with a hotel employee (ALLEGEDLY), cry foul and demand a trade when it was he himself that wanted to be the 'franchise', the main star, the big enchilada in L.A. and didn't want to share the spotlight. The only thing bigger than Kobe's mistakes is Kobe's ego. Now he flip flops and says that things can be worked out and he might stay with the Lakers. Does the guy know what the @#$*#% he wants? Personally, if I was the GM of another team, I would never trade my star players for this guy (unless it was an unbelievably lopsided deal). This guy is a cancer and a coach killer. With his attitude and finicky ways, he will NEVER win a championship again. He is too spoiled and selfish 2 B a team plyr
Lakers need to trade Kobe now if they want to win?5Mubtasim2012-10-10 08:51:02
Now that they have Nash it is time to trade Kobe and get pieces for Nash to work with. The Lakers have gotten crushed the last 2 years in the playoffs with Kobe trying to play like he usually does chucking up shots but his skills have diminished to the point where he is hurting our team and taking our two best big men out of games consistently.
Will the Lakers get a ring next season? 2010 Lakers bench vs 2012 Heat bench?0Gersy2012-07-28 23:08:59
I think if they get can get a solid bench they can qualify and make another block buster trade Lakers: Lamar Odom, Shannon Brown, Sasha Vujacic, Jordan Farmar, Josh Powell, Luke Walton, DJ Mbenga, Vladimir Radmonivic Heat: Shane Battier, Udonis Haslem, James Jones, Mike Miller, Norris Cole

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