A company with a low stock price and low trading activity may wish to stimulate the market thru a stock issue? related questions

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A company with a low stock price and low trading activity may wish to stimulate the market thru a stock issue?2unknown!2021-06-09 21:03:38
Yes or No?
Low Price Stock Trading - massive activity - question?0Morgan Rosell2012-10-21 17:23:47
I'm looking for the reason or logic behind recent trading activity I'm witnessing. XXX , trades as a penny OTC stocks . I have bought shares through my regular brokerage account , as well as anyone can. XXX is trading at high volume bulk negotiating for months , with little or no change in the share price . The average daily volume 333,281,908 shares. Several days with more than one billion shares traded . XXX website says there are 10 000 thousand shares. One last fact , the share price has plummeted in recent months . In 0.0001 per share during the massive volume . My question is : how , with only 10 million shares outstanding , can XXX be so actively traded in this book and why XXX sit at the same price and trade billions of shares , when all press and reports are positive about the company < br ? > MedlinePlus My opinion is that someone is deliberately exchange of shares , huge chunks at a time, at ridiculously low prices to keep the stock price down? Why go to the expense ?
Since the company receives no money when the stock trades in the secondary market, care about the market price?0Huck2012-08-31 19:33:03
Since the company does not receive any money when the stock trades in the secondary market , do not care about the market price ? Why or why not ?
How accurate are Stock market guru and their trading software in prediction of stock price?0Britany2012-08-05 17:16:02
I am very new to the online stock trading and suffered many losses in intraday . There are many Guru and stock market trading software that claim 90 to 100 % accuracy in predicting the price movement. Because I'm so tired of losing my job , I'm thinking of using your service if your statement is true or not otherwise I have to resort to long-term investment . If someone uses or experienced these services please guide and suggest me .
In the stock market, why have a stock PRICE when trading/investoing occurs on the BID and ASK?1Lauryn2012-11-02 16:05:02
In the stock market , why have a share price when trading / investoing occurs in supply and demand ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So if the price goes up in the company ABC to $ 20.00 , I can not sell at that price , because the offer is only $ 19.50 ....... Again , why are priced when we BID and ASK figures ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Jim
What is the minimum volume to call a stock "good liquidity stock" for day trading in indian stock market?0REINY PLEASE HELP ME!2012-07-17 12:05:02
What is the minimum to call an action " sufficient liquidity stock " for the day trading in Indian stock market ?
Stock Market DJIA: Dividend Payments vs Price of Stock: Definition?0Hedy2012-09-23 14:43:02
Someone please clarify what happens when a company has traded its rising stock price : So an investor who owns shares in this company makes a profit . But how is this different from the company profit and paying a dividend to its shareholders ? I'm trying to understand what is causality for both situations . Please clarify . Thank you.
Guidelines on Stock Market - How to judge a stock price on its valuation...?0shaloo2012-10-26 03:16:13
What are the factors to be considered before investing in any of the stocks of listed companies ? MedlinePlus How to judge if the value traded on the stock market is the real value of the Scriptures ? MedlinePlus And how can we calculate the value of the shares on the basis of the balance sheet and profit and loss ? MedlinePlus If EPS / PE has something to do with the assessment ?
If you own stock in a publicly traded company and it gets taken over, how does that affect the stock price?2Jope2012-10-16 18:55:03
What happens to the stock of that company? Do you get awarded shares in the company that took over it? Thanks everyone!
Can a non US citizen do trading stock online to buy stock in US stock market from abroad, like from indonesia?1Team A-Jean2015-07-14 02:27:49
for example. How do you do that ? the amount of funds you need ?
Shouldn't the government abolish the stock market and stock/bond trading, since both cause market instability?0kriti2012-10-23 00:21:30
Should not the government abolish the stock market and stocks / bonds , as both cause market instability ?
Morning Calls ,Who is giving best stock market tips in trading indian stock market?0Ging2012-07-09 00:38:02
I want to open onlie Stock market trading account with any of the following, to work with your regional director for the sale and purchase of the advice given by them Angel Broking LITD Kotak Securities Ltd Motilal Oswal securities Ltd Edelwise Sharekhan India Bulls Religare Securites Ltd or other pl give logic, if a body is good, not on the basis of brokerge but on the ground of good calls in the Thebaid of analyst and research team

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