Would like to open a primary school next to what is good store? Office supplies, stationery, and 30 square look, can it work?

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Asked at 2012-01-07 05:42:36
That's the main thing, the edge and some office buildings , and no rent , has no stationery , school is a new creation , we are on the line, I open it? Mainly in what is good, and I would like to sell lottery tickets , right?
Answer1OswalAnswered at 2012-01-07 05:46:34
Good idea, but I have to remember that the big cities, or three or four small towns. If it's a great city , I suggest , or jewelry , toys, gifts , ornaments and other, mostly because the cities , than any of your stationery shopping a lot, all, it can be cheaper than you. (This is me in Suzhou , Shanghai store experience ) selected in the field more, and convenience of traffic, a lot of people to open small stationery in large cities , for without success. (The above is for reference only )
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