Basically enjoy demon animal world

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Asked at 2012-06-30 03:39:02
The CPU that my friend thinks he will change to display the current world infant cold machine monster of breeding animals is not very good without the CPU GeForce6200TurboCache (TM) Intel ( R) Celeron ( R) CPU2 memory . N 66GHz2.67GHz2G shows the card clip is not defense counsel ask which model is not very clear in saying that not FOXCONN915 apparently is what it says to change the CPU? Basically , enjoy demon world of animals
Answer1sindyAnswered at 2012-08-25 16:56:18
CPUIntelpentiumE5200 ( box ) 430 lawyer who is well - P43390 X - Wave BLUE agile board displays to form Ang Ka 9600GSO499 be changed ~ ~ o ( ∩ _ ∩) o
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