If I make 3 options trades one day and wait until the next day to sell them is this considered day trading? related questions

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If I make 3 options trades one day and wait until the next day to sell them is this considered day trading?0Kylie Castaneda2012-06-29 23:28:01
I see where it says 3 day trades in 5 days, but it is unclear if that means that 3 days or 3 full within 5 days.
In options trading, what adjustment frequency is considered too much?0Tyrek2012-09-03 04:35:04
I can adjust ? Every day to maintain a neutral Delta / Vega ?
Are these considered fair fantasy football trades?0cougar2012-10-07 01:10:37
I have the following players and I'm thinking of a few trades : MedlinePlus QB : M. Hasselbeck MedlinePlus RB : McGahee LJ and MedlinePlus WR : S. Smith and L. Evans MedlinePlus RB / WR : T. Jones MedlinePlus TE : R. McMichael MedlinePlus K : O. Mare MedlinePlus Defense : Green Bay (lots of viable options on waivers ) MedlinePlus Bank: C. Taylor , K. Jones , V. Jackson , J. Cutler MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 12 team league with 13 players per template. Thinking on offer, but do not know if they are reasonable : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus C. Taylor and V. By T. Jackson Owens MedlinePlus McGahee and S. Evans Jackson MedlinePlus T. Jones and Evans by Gore
If I bought a stock today and sold it tommorow would that be considered one or two trades?2Juana2012-09-21 06:32:02
ETRADE gives 100 free trades in your first month, but is it considered 2 trades if you buy and then sell a stock or just one?
OPTIONS TRADING...Help, Help! I have two trades on, but I did not do a spread....Dumb!!?0biggie2012-08-09 17:45:42
I hope you will help me explain a costly problem I have, and this is not the year to lose money. So, that said ... I bought the June calls ITM ITM Visa and Wynn starts in June. Yes, one of the leading positions and I know I should have made at least one vertical extension in place. So if you could give me your idea (s) as to what moves counter to do. Put / call strangle, butterfly, or the sale of the money calls? Wynn and then sell a strike lower than the $ 70.00 strike I have now. Or in the leg in July, with sales calls, don? with legging on a calendar? Maybe? Maybe not? I'm learning a lot during his participation in the classes I'm enrolled in the University of options. A good team of trainers. Also I have the switch TD Amer. also the thinkorswim platform. U Options instructors are giving us a variety of trades in which one could choose. Spreads, and alerts to make adjustments, a leg, roll it up, or roll as they protect the risk reward on the options purchased. I have a good understanding of why and when operations are placed. Interestingly, last Tuesday, I felt we had a little windfall. We were introduced to a new instructor, liked him and he said to his approach to calm down and return to trade some instruction conservative, was this exactly, said one of the offices of direction, that if and when these run counter us, we are taught to see what we have, asses and adjust accordingly. But with the holiday weekend, but ITM options, you can not break anywhere near even Evey, and my new instructor, who seems to be what I, along with many of the ladies of the class (some guys too) will have some good trades with the redefinition of the risk / reward in the options market and the current trade. The time to market and especially with the options is all. The good man enters into the formation and the Laboratory of Commerce for us will not happen until Tuesday after Memorial Day. I want to advance, a sincere thank you, if you decide to give me an idea how to do my analysis below to perform a selection or a play, the concept of viewing the game, and I think I can get the light bulb in my brain that lights up and not be stuck second guessing yourself. Thanks .....
Why when there are more buy trades than sell trades does a stock price go down?3Herald2012-10-27 16:41:44
I have shares in NSAM.L. During the last week have exceeded the buying and selling operations offices of 5 to 1, but the share price continues to drop.
Who trades options on Forex? Tell me please about advantages and dis-s of options!?0bbb2012-09-13 04:53:03
Who negotiates Forex options ? Please tell me about the advantages and dis- s option ?
NBA(Dump trades here) Trades teams can make to become better?1deyela2012-09-06 03:56:02
Dump trades here I'll start Luol Deng and 1st rounder for Harrison Barnes and tyreke Evans Tyreke wants to leave Luol deng is the veteren the kings need
How can MLB teams make trades after the trading deadline?1fakaapo2012-10-11 14:49:02
Sometime in the last 24 hours, the Rays Scott Kazmir traded to the Angels . However, the trading deadline in baseball was weeks ago. Given that information , how can these teams make this trade?
Why do NBA teams wait til the deadline day to make a trade happen?0Caity2012-09-21 07:05:02
What else do besides GMs make trades. are simply lazy ?
Can NFL teams still be able to make trades during the season AFTER the Oct. 16 trading deadline passes?2SuziQ2012-08-31 08:01:02
To understand my question... I know in Major League Baseball, when their trading deadline passes, teams are still able to make trades but have to go through red tape (example: like clearing waivers or all teams in your division or league must clear the deal too). I was wondering if something similar applies to the NFL in that teams can still trade after October 16, but must go through red tape now in order to pull it off? Or is the trading deadline rule literally rock solid that after it passes, no trades whatsoever?
Do individual investors that trades options have to market to market options contracts owned at year end?0Anonymousss2012-10-15 04:35:24
these open option contracts with gains or losses

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