mp3 can learn English TV, listen to sync it? related questions

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mp3 can learn English TV, listen to sync it?1Nic2012-01-07 04:53:32
English new concept can be downloaded on my MP3 to the effects of audio -visual synchronization ? Mp3 Brand : Meizu Meizu MP3 Model: Mini MP3 Player Version SP storage media: flash memory MP3 Designs: MP3 Regular price range : 501-700 by Capacity : 1 GB Type of design: Fang Shoulu screen : the ability to Color video: video Support
I Upgraded, but particularly poor English! How can learn faster? English learning machine useful? Easy to remember like it!1Joseph2012-03-27 21:09:21
I upgraded , but particularly the poor English! How can you learn faster ? Machine learning English useful? Easy to remember like it!
Does my day words mobile phone listen it why can MP3 listen is not clear why can MP3 listen?1mistalee 2012-04-03 01:09:07
Either of the former. . But remember that just buying the MP3 that is inside when you hear , do not get stuck . Model did not know. Because buying long battery box is desertioned early .
I still have problems with english. I'm learn and need a help ...?1HELP !!!2012-08-14 18:49:02
Some people have helped me in the last question , but I need help ... My teacher wants to show a seminar in English, talking about an ad. I do, but do not know English, so ... Let me errors please? G: Good morning , guys! We are the FG group and want to show this team that is revolutionary
What would be the best language to learn aside from English and Spanish?0English Lit2012-07-21 01:33:02
Spanish is my native language and my English is pretty good. I work for a company that trades with China, but do not know if I will stay here forever , so I want to know what would be the best language to learn for business. Chinese , French or any other? I'm not so interested in literature and culture and stuff, just the business . Thank you.
I learn English to MP3, please recommend a 2G, MP3, Onda VX969 how?1Luke2012-09-05 03:02:03
My father is of age 55 is BSc & knows broken english. He wants to learn computers for dealing in stocks. Help?0Hellga2012-10-23 08:44:55
My father does deals in stocks and therefore he wants to learn computers to keep all of your buy / sell records , plus dividends , interest accrued to date and time. It also keeps track targetted stock price occasionally . Never used the PC and so far has been doing all this on paper ( tedious and time ) . Now he wants to do all this on the PC . Literate English speaking is simple and genius 55 years Graduation BSc . He Demat account and online trading wishes to separate , but he does not know anything about computers and the Internet . What is the fastest way to achieve your goal. Are there schools , books , tutorials , programs to teach yourself to people like my dad.Any volunteer organizations or people willing to offer this kind of help in Mumbai? Any help would be greatly apprecaited . Although I am a software engineer, I'm bad teaching @ & they have no idea where to start to teach my father . Can someone please help ... !
Is it worthwhile for a native English speaker to learn Spanish in terms of improving one's career prospects?0Cory2012-08-26 19:00:18
Despite the common belief is that one should learn a second language to be more competitive in the labor market in a global economy , I sometimes wonder how much of an advantage English - speaking Americans actually gain from learning Spanish . Yes , it is true that the continued immigration of Latin American countries as well as international trade with Spanish speaking countries increases the demand for people who speak two languages ​​, but consider the amount of supply that can meet that demand . There are many second-generation Latino immigrants who have known both languages ​​since childhood that are probably much more fluently bilingual to expect to be studying Spanish in high school or college as a young adult . So , what can one truly competitive advantage expected? They are native English speakers to learn better French, German , Chinese , etc. , to have more of a niche language instead of learning a language that many others know ? MedlinePlus Spanish is worth ?
Pokemon white game sync?1chy'anne2012-07-21 19:36:02
my pokemon white can do global trade and i can connect to the browser and all that, says i have a internet connection, it also told me the server was under matentince but any hour every day ive tried for 2 weeks i get error code 13204 and it sucks cause i just want to battle, now i have a WEP and WPA ive tried with both, no differance, but one last thing, i did use a action replay cause my dsi brocke after i spent FOREVER getting my awsome team together, i needed a new one and yes i am using a dsi, so please help and mabye we can battle some time
GeForce FX5200 graphics card how to turn off vertical sync ah?1lyssaa.(:2012-09-09 13:46:02
Right click on the desktop in the display properties there is a FX5200 senior years, but I do not know how to turn off vertical sync, all in English, can not read and which teach me ah?
What is the learning process a driver's license? Learn what, learn, learn B2 is not to be 22 years of age?1Basilia2012-03-20 18:28:05
What is the learning process a driver's license ? Learn what , learn, learn B2 not be 22 years old?
Is the southern drawl bad English?What about English in Boston?2hast2012-11-04 11:17:02
The southerners brought slaves at ( which incidentally did not speak English ) and then forbid them to learn the language. And they spoke words like giiiiirrrrrll , which is really small, but it sounded like the gull in the ear slave. For years this was the language of communication between slaves as banks still close on Wednesday at noon (the official date and time of the slave trade ) in the south. The language of the slaves because of the tradition continues and this will be hard to break tradition . So next time you hear someone in the south say the word dawg remember this is a descendant of those who unwittingly taught Ebonics slaves. So I ask again, is English a bad southern accent ?

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