Is it worth trading Andre Johnson for Willis McGahee? related questions

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Is it worth trading Andre Johnson for Willis McGahee?0neenee012012-06-29 18:34:01
I currently have: Hines Ward Mario Manningham Steve Smith (NYG) Jericco Cotchery Smith has been doing pretty well at wr, but i don't know if it will be consistent. Problem is i need to beef up my running backs - i have Clinton Portis and Thomas Jones (both have been pretty disappointing) as well as Le'Ron McClain and Marshawn Lynch.
Larry Johnson or Willis McGahee or Ronnie Brown?2Chadene2012-10-02 11:39:02
As Larry Johnson is threatening to hold out for the season I accept the commercial fantasy I have is that I would get McGahee and the other person would get LJ ? Or should not only worry about the exclusion and maintain LJ . Another option you might try to make a trade Ronnie Brown for McGahee . Should I do this or Ronnie Brown is destined for a great year ?
Willis McGahee: Will Buffalo Trade Him, and Who Would be a Good Fit?1Silas2012-10-13 00:09:02
As you know , there are rumors that a unit of account is very unhappy with running back Willis McGahee . Besides mediocre production did not seem a good fit for the system Fairchild, Willis has a battery paternity suits in their hands and state that the NFL should move the Bills to Toronto so I can have a better social life . As a Bills fan , I'm open to trade McGahee selected day ( rounds 1-3) and the drafting of a corridor on the first day to compliment the A- Train and eventually be characteristic of new ... but what are your opinions?
Has anyone heard the rumor about the Raiders trading Heyward-Bey to the Texans for Andre Johnson?5check answer2012-11-02 20:34:02
Has anyone heard the rumor about the trade of the Raiders Heyward- Bey to the Texans Andre Johnson?
Would trading andre johnson and Jonathon stewart for steven jackson be a good deal for me?0Naseeb2012-08-19 17:28:28
see more production considering jackson and johnson looks are down from Slayton and walters are getting their share ..... thanks
Fantasy Football Trade Question. I am trading Moreno and Turner for Andre Johnson and Antonio Bryant.?0Corneliu2012-07-11 16:53:07
Is this a good trade? My other strating players: Warner, Grant, S Jackson, B Marshall, Percy Harvin, (AJ?) This is assuming that Andre is ok, I know he is slightly injured. They are calling it a bruised lung, which sounds bad, but is actually common after taking a severe hit.
Should I Trade Vincent Jackson, and Marion Barber for LT and Andre Johnson?0kiandre2012-08-16 17:26:02
Jackson is doing well and Andre is doing well. André is a leader in yards and is only 5 points behind Jackson in fantasy. Barber sucks and takes 2 actions backs of others, and LT is having a great year , but LT and becomes more leads then I do this barber .
Is chris johnson worth trading for michael vick if i have peyton hillis too?0Mariae2012-07-14 19:36:01
Why is glaxos smithkline beechams stock trading at such a low volume compared to johnson & johnson?0Fuzzy Logic 2012-11-05 00:12:18
These two companies are almost the same and GSK seems to be better off that jnj. is there something I'm missing here? I am investing for longterm growth.
What about the Nets trading Troy Murphy, Terrence Williams, and picks for Andre Iguodala?2Rachele2012-09-07 22:43:03
76ers are looking to trade him and he would be a good fit for the Nets who need a scoring guard to go along with Harris. Then they can start Favors at power forward instead of trying to baby him.
Should I do this trade: Turner, Redman for McGahee, Brown, D-Will?1susane2012-09-12 04:47:03
Should I trade Michael Turner, Isaac Redman and Jaquizz Rogers for Willis McGahee, Antonio Brown, and DeAngelo Williams? I keep hearing how Turner is gonna have a bad year because of his age and his heavy workload. And I feel McGahee is going to have a pretty good year with Peyton there. Rest of my team: QB: Matthew Stafford WR: Calvin Johnson WR: Greg Jennings WR: Mike Wallace RB: Michael Turner RB: Jahvid Best TE: Fred Davis WR/RB: Isaac Redman WR/RB/TE: DeSean Jackson WR/RB/TE/QB: Robert Griffin III K: Matt Prater D/ST: Lions BN: Justin Blackmon BN: Mikel Leshoure BN: Jaquizz Rogers BN: Brent Celek BN: Kevin Smith BN: Andre Luck BN: Kendall Wright BN: Bengals D/ST
Do the sixers have interest in trading for joe johnson?0barbie2012-09-28 14:06:02
I asked this because I've been hearing rumors that we would change Thaddeus Young and Samuel Dalembert of Joe Johnson . Is it true ?

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