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The second session of the International Toy Fair in Yangzhou in the Five Pavilion Long opened the International Toys and Gifts0Anthropian2012-06-29 17:53:02
The second session of the International Toy Fair in Yangzhou in the Dragon Pavilion five international toys and gifts to open the second session of China's stand Yangzhou International Toy Fair at the opening of five long tail and Exhibition International Toy Gift Date: May 18, 2007 - 5 20 N º Location: Long Qing Pavilion International Toys and Gifts Exhibition description: Toys and Gifts for the prosperity of the market, to strengthen trade between toy manufacturers, toys and gifts Yangzhou International five Dragon Pavilion in the city of Yangzhou, March fireworks festival held in the Economic and Tourism Yangzhou Second China International Toy Fair, invited all the toy and gift manufacturers and agents attend! ! ! Scope of Exhibits: toys, baby items, furniture items, office supplies, stationery and accessories, toys stuffed toys, preschool toys, wooden toys, electronic toys, electronic toys, inflatable toys, toys, ceramics, plastic toys, intelligent toys, cartoon toys, toys, models, tools, military, cultural and educational, stroller, crib, toys, science and technological innovation. Gifts: electronic gifts, holiday gifts holiday, traditional crafts, gifts, glass, stone, ceramic art gifts, gifts to home accessories, gifts, glass metal gifts, artificial flowers, fruit, gifts, gifts tree resin crafts, gifts of technology luxurious fabric, wood, straw craft gifts, embroidery, engraving gifts, jewelry, hair ornaments, necklaces, gift bag leather gift box, photo album, gifts under the photo. Accessories, accessories toys, gift accessories, plush accessories, stationery and accessories. Exhibitions to promote: 1, through the central, provincial and municipal around television, newspaper and magazine advertising and promotion. 2, 3 websites for information related to the exhibition will display the information by email, cell phone information to the total mass of 4, related to the program at home and abroad to promote 5 key areas of officials will be held from 6 to promote the exhibition, printed invitations distributed free of charge from 7 to professional buyers home and abroad, held several press conferences, the media informed about important events and highlights of the series 8, the Commission invited the Brothers National Association (Association) professional organizations have visited Address: Way of the Yangtze River, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, 828 Postal Code: 225008 Web: Tel: 8008288889 Fax : 0514 -76,349,997,639,699 0514-76396887634699 Contact: Ms. Ma
Five Dragon Pavilion China Yangzhou International Toys and Gifts1Ke2012-05-21 03:47:14
Five Dragon Pavilion China Yangzhou International Toys and Gifts Toys : stuffed animals, toys , toys, office , leisure , aviation and maritime toys , kids around , kids electric car , publications and media toy , toys cartoons, educational toys, wooden toys tech electronic toys , inflatable toys, baby stroller and toddler toys showcase of innovative technology, playground equipment, playground equipment gift categories : electronic gifts , traditional crafts , stone arts ceramic gifts , metal gifts , artificial flowers and fruit gifts , gifts of stuffed fabric , embroidery, carving gifts, leather boxes of packages, gifts, christmas holiday gifts , crystal gifts , accessories home gifts, crystal gifts , gifts , gifts of wood resin and straw accessories categories: toy Accessories , accessories, gifts, plush accessories see
2010 Hong Kong International Toys & Gifts Show1Elissa2012-09-10 01:55:11
2010 Hong Kong International Toys & Gifts Show Hong Kong Gifts and Premium Fair 2011 Hong Kong International Toys and Gifts Gift Show Exhibition 2011 in Hong Kong Gifts and Premium Fair 2011 Hong Kong Gifts and Premium Fair Hong Kong International Gift Show in October 2011 Wong Hong Kong Gifts and Premium Fair Hong Kong Gifts and Premium Fair 2011 15323422746 Ms. Huang Hong Kong Toy Fair 0755-25863780 2011 Hong Kong Gifts and Premium Fair 2011 Hong Kong Gifts Toys and Games Fair Hong Kong Gifts Toys Wong 15323422746 Show Time: 20-23 October 2010 Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center Exhibition period: 1 Year 1 session of the exhibition industry: Integrated Class 09 Exhibition Scale: 70,435 square feet, 3,218 exhibitors Exhibition Introduction: the first part of the Asian Spirit Exhibition (MEGA SHOW PART 1) by Kenfair International (Holdings) Limited. Extension coincides with the Canton Fair exhibition of free time for successive million of merchants, trade atmosphere, is the domestic enterprises and trade promotion, new customers, consolidation of existing customers an excellent business platform. The exhibition has been the International Association of Exhibition Industry (UFI) was assessed as "fair recognition", has been among the best in the world exhibition event list. The exhibition since its inception in 1992, entering the number of number of buyers and exhibitors every year are a quantum leap. According to statistics, in October 2009 exhibition area of 70,435 square meters, attracted 3,218 exhibitors, 52,836 buyers visited, traded good effect. Show the major buyers mainly from Europe and the United States, there are a large number of Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, South America, the Middle East and other emerging markets buyers. Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre expansion project was fully completed in 2009. 2010 Organizing Committee will re-exhibition hall by all, and according to exhibitors product categories, arranged in the corresponding exhibition. Display: stationery, ceramic, resin, crafts, gifts, toys, special arts and crafts, plastic products, kitchen products, household goods, etc. (divided into four major functional blocks Museum District: Hall 1 - gifts, gift area; 3 Hall - household goods, daily necessities, home decor area, toys Pavilion Hall 5 - Gifts, Gifts; Convention Hall - Christmas gifts zone) 2011 2011 Hong Kong International Gift Fair 2011 Hong Kong Toys and Gifts Fair in Hong Kong Gifts and Premium Fair Hong Kong International Gift Show Gift Show in Hong Kong in October 2011, Ms. Wong of Hong Kong Gifts and Premium Fair Hong Kong Gifts and Premium Fair 2011 15323422746 Ms. Huang 0755-25863780 Hong Kong Toy Fair 2011 Hong Kong Gifts and Premium Fair 2011 Hong Kong Gifts Toys and Games Fair Hong Kong Gifts Toys Wong 15323422746
How to apply for international long-distance IP Agent? There are several major carriers? Which is better? International long-distance IP can set up their own local stations it?1Legion of Us 2012-05-28 01:23:06
How to apply for international long distance IP Agent ? There are several large companies? Which is better ? International long distance IP can create their own local stations ?
International trade fair 2007?0cale2012-09-26 13:13:02
2007 international trade fair will begin on November 14 .. I heard tat Businees class VIP passes only work on 14 and 15 It is true ? if I say that in times of business class VIP passes work ..
How do I find international fashion fair distributors?1vole2012-05-22 20:51:37
I am interested in buying Fasion Fair for my cosmetic business . Please help me find a dealer.
Eighth China International Consumer Goods Fair1Ena2012-05-11 17:29:09
Eighth China International Fair for Consumer Goods
2010 China Qingdao International Gifts & Crafts Home Products Expo site reports0JRT2012-07-13 07:48:02
2010 China Qingdao International Gift & Home Decor Crafts Fair is a live coverage of Shandong province in China's coastal economy, the country ranked second in the total economy, manufacturing is the largest province in China, has become a world-class processing and manufacturing center; Shandong Peninsula is is the Bohai Bay region and Japan, Korea and other developed countries, the bridgehead of economic exchange, is the most important gifts, handicrafts, household goods production **, the consumer market, distribution center; livelick to enter the exhibition in Qingdao, Shandong Peninsula Economic Development leading city, "Japan and South Korea," the most active city in economic relations, China's "most economically dynamic cities," one; is northern China's most important foreign trade window, import and export trading company with nearly ten thousand; is National coastal tourist city, the World Horticultural Exposition held in 2014, the comprehensive economic strength ranks the top ten, one of China's five major foreign trade port in northern China's most important foreign trade window, and the world more than 130 countries and regions, 450 have trade ports. Beautiful city, beautiful scenery and pleasant climate. The success of the 2008 Olympic Games sailing competition held - to Qingdao is attracting worldwide attention. With a strong economy, trade, tourism, geography, resources, and the Olympic Games and other advantages, Qingdao has become a mature, wide, high grade, high-level gifts, handicrafts, household goods consumer market for high quality professional success lay Expo a solid foundation. RL topic
Would the Jamaican government support an international convention on fair labour practices?0kaycie2012-09-23 22:50:03
Considering the fact that unions are not allowed in any of the Zones of Jamaica , and the alleged human rights abuses in EPZs , does the government support an international standard for the right job ? MedlinePlus The main issue comes down to this : the Jamaican government ultimately foster economic growth and the promotion of foreign direct investment , or welfare of its citizens ?
2009 Poland (Poznan) International Textile Fair Professional (Tex-Style)1Star Berst 2012-05-01 20:09:27
2009 Poland (Poznan ) International Textile Fair Trade ( Tex- Style)
[Comment] Liang won the Innovation of Jiangsu in turn --- How to Run a professional International Garment Fair (Central)1' No library stack Nian . remember -2012-05-03 03:17:01
[Review ] Liang won the Innovation of Jiangsu , the turning point --- How to Run an international professional clothing Fair ( Central)
AATF - 2007 31st Session of the Australian Auto Trade Fair Welcome1caiman, cayman2012-06-20 04:45:02
AATF ---- 2007 31 ° Auto Fair Trade Australia Organizer: Expertise Events Pty Ltd frequency of the screen: Annual Exhibition Date: June 15, 2007 -2007 on June 17 Location: Brisbane Class International Convention and Exhibition Center Exhibition : engine parts, chassis parts, body parts, electrical parts, GM parts and automotive industrial products, automotive products and other automotive components. Visitors: a total of 12,000 professionals from the last visit, of which 6.4% of importers, agents of 11.4%, 7.6% of manufacturers, retailers, 23.2%, 46.8% of business people, 3.6% of foreign visitors. At present the number of cars in Australia more than a thousand 4 million units (a penetration of over 8 percent), the size spare car parts market of about 6 billion U.S. dollars per year, dependence which over 60% of imports, the amount of annual imports of about 37 billion U.S. dollars. Chinese products in the market share of spare parts of the highest grade in Australia and the highest market acceptance, it is obvious that there is plenty of room for expansion of domestic firms. Australia's foreign auto parts market to fully open since 2005, tariffs of 10% in 2010 to 5%. FTA with China is now the negotiations of free trade in Australia are intensifying, and the future of China's manufactured in Australia is more convenient and competitive. Major trade show in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia auto parts auto parts exhibition is the largest annual event in the South Pacific motor trade, so far in the first 31 years of history, known for experience shows sponsored by Australia. 30, 2006 the fair attracted participants from Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Britain, Germany, Italy, Turkey, South Africa, USA and China's international exhibitors and buyers. AATF 2007 International Convention and Exhibition Centre will be a great Brisbane will be held in Australia, New Zealand and around the world will gather industry trade, commerce and technology. Last year, China has more than twenty companies participated in the fair auto parts from Australia, have been successful. So please take the opportunity to domestic auto manufacturers to participate in the camp in 2007 31st Trade Fair Australia automatically! Supported by: Australian Society of Mechanical Engineering Association, the auto parts industry in Australia, the Automobile Manufacturers Association of Australia regeneration Participation Fee: Consult Liaison Office in China: Address: No. 808 Hongqiao Road A8416 , Shanghai Tel: 021-61025008 64480272 Fax: 021 -64477060 E-mail: Website [email protected]: Services: principles to assist Chinese companies to contact the Australian importers and distributors related to exhibitors offer valuable opportunities for trade in Australia. The participating organizations of local enterprises to participate in the fair trade business, the Australian automotive industry and local authorities to carry out inspection activities. Other: 4.5 square meters, is expected to stand, the company has any special requirements, please contact us. Previous visits to the delegation, welcome to ask. 100_0087.jpg (0 Bytes) :02007-downloads 3-16 16:42 favorites - Classification> Share Add -> _ TOPaimgcount Doherty [319565] = [27444]; attachimgshow (319,565) / / ArrayTmUsr [1] = "sdshanda "/ / Array3Days [1] =" 2 ", users [1] =" sdshanda "legendary sdshanda Send Message Add to friends sdshanda (Legend) is offline UID415673 2562 Digest Posts 0 Credits 7802 Posts 5236 Prestige Experience 0 access copper reading 2 110 Gender Male from China. TAIWAN line 0 hours until the time of last login 10/04/2007 23/07/2006 2562 Digest Posts 0 Credits outstanding experience in the copper 2 5236 7802 0110 prestige read access # 2 posted 04/04 / 2007 13:50 | look at the eyes of

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