I'm looking for a manufacturer to produce t shirts and jumpers for my clothing line with embroidered patches and prints related questions

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I'm looking for a manufacturer to produce t shirts and jumpers for my clothing line with embroidered patches and prints1ALEX22012-06-29 13:05:02
Clothing manufacturer that can produce shirts similar to Affliction and Guess!1Omeristhebest!!! 2012-04-04 00:04:57
We have a clothing company and is looking for a manufacturer to manufacture our shirts , hoodies, thermals, etc. We would like to work short with someone who understands the trends and can produce quality clothing brands like Affliction , the monarchy and Guess .
Looking for Good Quality T-Shirts with Artistic Prints1Bertha2012-03-07 00:30:25
Looking for good quality art prints tees for men and women! Can anyone recommend a vendor please :) I'm here for orders between 10 and 200 pieces.
How do i find clothing manufacturer/Manufacturer agents4SkaterMan422017-03-17 23:40:05
Hello, I launch my clothing line, but need help to find manufacturers that offer private labeling . I need a reliable manufacturer that can offer quality designs high-end clothing.
SEO expert to analyze why the word t shirts manufacturer not on the schedule?0Lucille2012-07-16 00:40:01
SEO expert to analyze why the word t shirts manufacturer not on the schedule? Our company spent 5000 dollars please do an Internet company in Shanghai website, and want the word t shirt manufacturers, but 3 months later, or in the first 13 pages, how ah? Please click SEO expert diagnosis
Excuse me Sichuan has silicon calcareous plate to produce manufacturer then1Rita2012-01-27 20:38:30
Sorry Sichuan has silicon wafer manufacturer to produce limestone then
How di i find einstein T-shirts clothing1Gabriel2012-01-04 01:54:17
How I can find clothes t di Einstein
Supply of work clothes clothing suits shirts1N-MASS 2011-12-22 05:21:33
Supply workwear shirts Underwear
Baby Clothing Manufacturer in UK4Jocelyn2012-01-19 05:52:39
Hi, how do I find a manufacturer of baby clothes in the UK? I can not seem to find? Where I can find the details of the clothing manufacturer may also be able to help in the UK or abroad? thanks
Wet Fish Feed Production Line Manufacturer12019-07-10 00:04:56
https://youtu.be/2c7_R8eNL0k  1T/H Wet Fish Feed Production Line Fusmar is the professional manufacturer of the fish feed pellet machine and production line. The capacity of the wet fish feed production line is from 500KG/H to 3000KG/H.This fish feed production line is new developed for home and commercial aquatic fishery. In order to meet the intensive production of animal fish feed pellets, the production line has multi specifications. It can produce shrinking fish feed pellets,floating fish feed pellets,pet feed, animal feed. Wet Fish Feed Production Line Adavantages 1. Wide application: this factory can produce floating and slowly sinking fish feed and pet food, which is applicable to fish farms, fish feed manufacturers and pet food factories. 2. Large capacity range: the capacity range is from 50 kg/h to 3000 kg/h. Whether for personal or commercial use, you can find the right model here at a competitive price. 3. Strict detail control. Equipped with PLC control box and alarm device to ensure smooth and safe operation. 4. Reasonable configuration. Lower energy consumption, smaller footprint, less investment in construction projects. 5. Simple assembly and disassembly. It helps with quick shipping and installation. Fish feed wet extrusion related machine Feed mill→feed mixer→wet fish feed extruder→granule dryer→automatic weighing packaging machine 1. Material Grinding - Feed Hammer Ggrinding The ingredients should be ground to the desired size by a feed mill. We offer three types of feed mills to meet your different requirements: A series feed hammer mills for small and medium feed extrusion plants; C series feed hammer mills for large and medium livestock and aquafeed mills B series hammer mill, also known as wide chamber concentrate hammer mill , is mainly used for fine grinding of special aquatic feed. 2. Material Mixing - Feed Mixer Thoroughly mixing materials to ensure extrusion efficiency and improve feed quality. We offer two feed mixers to choose from: a two-axis high-efficiency mixer for mixing powdered, granulated, flaked and block materials, and a feed ribbon mixer for mixing powdered materials. These two blenders can be customized with an atomized spray system to more evenly add liquids such as molasses and grease. 3. Extrusion Process - Wet Floating Feed Particle Extruder Wet fish feeders are equipped with regulators and require a steam boiler. Wet fish feed extruders have higher capacity than dry extruders, so wet extruders are generally suitable for large feed pellet plants. 4.Granule drying - feed pellet dryer Our mesh belt dryer is a continuous convection belt dryer. The pellets formed by the extruder are stacked in layers on a wire mesh or perforated belt conveyor and continuously conveyed through the drying chamber. Fish Feed Granule Dryer During this process, dry air is repeatedly passed through the product layer until the particles have an optimum moisture content before leaving the dryer. If you choose a wet fish feeder, we recommend a gas granule dryer. 5. Granule Packaging - Electronic Packaging Machine In order to make the finished granules easy to store, transport and catch the customer's eyes, they should be properly packaged. With our electronic weighing and packaging machine, the finished granules can be automatically packaged, weighed, conveyed and sealed, saving manpower and time and meeting the needs of large-scale production. For this type of packaging machine, automatic hot coding, automatic seam sewing and automatic thread cutting can be optional features. 
Canadian Agent looking for clothing manufacturer0keven2012-07-30 11:55:02
Small orders of Hong Kong 's favorite quality, good , reasonable prices
Small Fish Feed Production Line Manufacturer02019-09-20 02:10:31
Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional fish feed machine manufacturer, this article will introduce a small fish feed production line in detail. The variety and scale of ornamental fish and raising fish are increasing constantly, and there are different adult and young fish, and different requirements for fish feed. This production line is widely used in the production of fish feed for ornamental fish, is the ideal choice for investment in the fish feed industry. Small Fish Feed Production Line Introduction The small fish feed production line is a small investment, high output, cover a small area of land and a high degree of automation. The whole machine is made of stainless steel. Keep it clean and tidy. The extruder technology uses the international advanced single or twin-screw extruder technology. Process Flow Of Small Fish Feed Production Line Dry Production Process: Raw Materials Crushing→Mixing→Extrusion Puffing→Drying→Pray Oil→Seasoning→Cooling→Packaging. Wet Production Process: Raw Materials Crushing→Mixing→Modulation→Extrusion Puddling→Drying→Spray Oil→Seasoning→Cooling→Packaging. Small Fish Feed Production Line Equipment Feed Crusher → Mixer → Fish Feed Extruder → Pellet Dryer → Pellet Cooler → Seasoning Machine → Packaging Machine Working Principle Of Small Fish Feed Production Line The fish feed production process, with a variety of grains, bone meal, soy protein, and fat raw materials as the main raw material, a variety of raw materials have to be crushed, after mixing, adjust humidity, after high-temperature extrusion curing molding, can by changing the mold to produce all kinds of different style and size of fish feed pellets, and then through the medium temperature for a long time to dry, surface spraying oil and seasoning, cooling and packaging. The heating system of the whole equipment adopts boiler steam heating, which reduces the power loss, reduces the production cost of the customer, and increases the net profit of the customer on the basis of the same output. And it has greatly increased the production of floating fish pellets. Excellent Performance Of Small Fish Feed Production Line 1. The main motor adopts frequency conversion control, energy-saving and easy operation. 2. The main motor adopts frequency conversion speed control feeder to feed evenly. 3. The main motor gearbox is equipped with gear oil pump cooling, lubrication system, twin-screw extrusion pump mechanism and double-shaft lengthening differential speed modulator so that the material is fully matured and the gelatinization degree of the material is more than 98%. 4. A wide variety of raw materials, the feed formula can contain more than 12% oil. The screw has an excellent self-cleaning ability. 5. The main motor adopts frequency conversion speed control to adapt to different kinds of raw materials, and the discharge cutter frequency conversion speed control to adjust the length of materials. 6. The screw sleeve is made of special materials and processes, which can withstand wear and pressure. 7. The feed is sterilized under high temperature and high pressure in the processing process, which guarantees the health and safety of feed products. 8. The cylinder aperture of the discharge mold can be adjusted, and other special shapes can be made according to customer requirements. 9. Suitable for processing aquaculture expanded feed (floating, sinking), water stability of more than 24 hours.

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