Is the shellfish baby lane of area of Shenzhen blessing cropland wholesale is the Luo Xinli of limited company true?

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Baby Lane area seafood seek the blessing of cropland of Shenzhen is more the product of the special limited partnership low , the connecting means has unique mobile phone number , address not specified. Integral is 5 minutes, the management of a year, but the assessment that you can not find party I do not know it?
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This type of problem you can believe the secure page to conduct a research company credit Http :/ / / athena / trustsearch.html or reach the Bacheng BA in a report complaining against Xun forum to post bond to Http :/ / commissioner may have to accept. This is the national cheater company ultimately pay the property was tricked to go to 3214 yuan in March, I see in the ONR replenish stocks on a Xinli Luo is greater than the water is not wet, the price is superior low, rather than sincere letter A is connected. I did not want to borrow money 3,214 yuan, the payment for goods is collected through bank's network. The bill is 6228481403001610216 Luoxin benefit. The phone number is 15099920528 goods after collecting the last 3 days, call Maly, say the property had gone to Beijing and came to the place I stay in, I'm in central Beijing. He says there are tens of thousands of yuan of money in the car, I need to hand in the capacity of 20 thousand yuan of cash pledge to see the money. Pick up the phone next to me, let the edge of a floor, the hotel who spoke my dwelling place where the weather is beautiful. I know he is in my downstair for sure. But I leave an apartment, look. They base that all is well, you get to have is a P in Beijing, the bread of 695, stop. When I talk to your car's name, which was to run. And the director who calls me sitting in a car with someone deliver the goods. And call Xinli Luo is said that money is the money in good faith to be held in the company, wait until I came to take the money I can retire. The trick is too simple cheat. I hear used to be deceived. Call them again, not received. Money was swindled 3,214 yuan. But the brand is still Xinli Luo registering sincere letter to connect to Alibaba deceives people. Everyone should be careful, be careful. I'm saying is Harbin pants wholesale paper that water quality products, you can use when you can see in the treasure home pay, show the other side was not required again after the next sheet calm, wonder why issue capital turnover does not have to pay the treasury, saying it is. He bought a little less than 227 yuan, that remittances arrive: Account. This is expressed abundant adequate. 3 come to 5 days. Day 4 phones say the company has a car to be united to deliver goods, (address registration is in Shenzhen, Harbin am) crossed a man some time to come calling again, claiming to be the company to deliver goods , come here quickly, I hit 1,000 yuan back to the company now, because they evade taxes on commodities are afraid that we seek industrial and commercial verification, if they are close, you can withdraw the money you give us the company after the goods. Listen incorrect, dare not be duped again, what should I buy the goods is not quality goods you buy a tax evasion, and the other side when the goods ordered not to receive the goods said to want to make 1,000 yuan deposit again, is said to express abundant deliver goods properly, become a company to be sent in old freight cars unexpectedly. The money sent to more than 100 yuan 2 Harbin from Shenzhen heard a bit unusual. Immediate reimbursement requirement, for example a counter no longer today, will tomorrow acquired, ie they do not reverse. With the burgeoning flowering connection also does not respond again.
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