the latest trend in the gift industry - cartoon gifts will be strong sales

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the latest trend in the gift industry - strong sales of creative gift cartoon gift will be the main gift according to statistics, every day of the birthday gifts to 2.3 million dollars and wedding gifts, holiday gifts, corporate gifts, advertising gifts, conference gifts, souvenirs and so on, in 2005 the gift industry to China from about 1,500 billion yuan in output value and over 12% rate growth. With the growth of the gift industry, several types of "creative gifts" meteoric rise, began to occupy the dominant position of the gift market. The cartoon image of his personality, creativity, fashion has not only become the main image of the representation of creative products, but also a boost for yourself, the dynamic introduction of new products. Cartoon Cartoon DIY gifts become the first choice because of their unique gifts in the emotional content, personal, easy to further develop the benefits of the development of a border gift of the creative industry and hot. Using known cartoon character itself, and brands such interested persons, not only made a very good free advertising for the gift, but also directly increase the gift of social status, become the first choice for gifts . Only German "Gift of the Magi" in the country has reached more than 200 stores, each year tens of thousands of innovative products, the total size of over 80 million. If you want a place in the gift industry, and together we have excellent cartoon, get consumer recognition. Building a business platform, contains business opportunities, 2007 Third China International Cartoon and Animation Expo gift companies are invited to attend. This brought together hundreds of the famous cartoon bodies, hundreds of cartoons hottest popular image of the original platform, contains numerous business opportunities for all kinds of gifts offer the best for your own choice. The combination with animation, corporate gift will further enhance the value-added products, improve brand awareness and Chinese domestic companies present to the world stage with animation, wonderful performances from your account.
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His only top first, eh, eh
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