Letter to a friend [original]

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Letter to a friend [original]
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Letter to a friend [original], General Manager (President) Hello, was honored to meet you! The priorities of the series the next time will have special health care industry to ensure a healthier and happier life for you! More real, hoping to lead to market a high level. Excellent health industry especially to expand the system through the effective promotion for the country, hot in the market today. Please think about the people in your home now with air conditioning, refrigerator, color TV, DVD, water dispenser and so on all of today's standard of living, the family still missing? This means that introduced the idea of ​​sport and rehabilitation of health as one of the devices in the home. What if the potential body disease in just 5 minutes, which will give us the health of the whole body scan, you are prompted to health and variety of common diseases, and even incurable diseases have an immediate effect rehabilitation. More surprising is that this product after a period of time when using the product, consumers will have the confidence and love, spent the morning, afternoon, would like to use, which is used today, and tomorrow would also like to use , if the day is not used, are going to think what is missing, you can also watch TV, read, chat day reached during exercise and physical health, and really become the patron saint of health care of our family. This amazing high-tech products have become in today's society, the consumption of conventional homes. With health, wealth, only make sense for people ... ... ... priority must be the cause of a series of special health care needs of your family. Waiting promising opportunities here and hope for your service! I wish all wishes come true! Healthcare industry will be an excellent special production base in Shanghai, China, will build Liding An excellent Sincerely, special products for health care (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
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