[New Hot] Changchun color shopping guide is 98 yuan / services to female customers only when

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[New Hot] Color Shopping Guide Changchun is 98 yuan / services to customers only when women
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[New Hot] Color Shopping Guide Changchun is 98 yuan / client services for women with only 100 colors in the palette you want to accompany you shopping with beauty? She not only chat to talk to you, but also helps you with the beautiful dress appropriately. April 5, Chongqing, Changchun City, the road in a shopping center, the reporter saw a woman wearing an elegant suit, his hand holding a yellow shirt, which is not triggered by a woman's body. With the color of "tune" the charm of a woman, "this yellow dress is right for you, with your skin tone and hair color will look very bright." Learned after that, the woman who wore a color is staff work room, which is based on the client's physical condition, their level of consumption with appropriate clothing, hourly charges 98 yuan, 1,980 yuan per year for long-term customer, you can always contact the store and buy the color consultant helped the products, a shopping center is in this range. "Our industry itself is called" monosodium glutamate industry, can accommodate three or four clients a day, in which clothing, we also feel very proud. "It is understood that the color consultant, is the use of color genes law, according to the pupils of the Customers, hair, skin color and other external conditions, can be divided into four spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons, with 100 color palette to draw a variety of colors for customers with color, depending on the customer's own temperament and needs training, taking into account appropriate for different occasions, different styles of clothing options, from clothing to accessories, from underwear to outerwear, every detail carefully match. The reporters also learned that customers only for women and to accompany visiting the profession to become an important feature. Middle-aged, women represented 60% of customers in the price of the consulting room Ziying Liu told the press that has 8 years in the color industry, the store at the mall nearly 3 years, many customers are new to this industry is the attitude of holding the test, later, customers become increasingly long-term customers. "With the improvement of living standards, many women have begun to pay attention to dress, especially the 40 year old woman of age, consulting clients come to account for 60%, due to their stable work and family without problems of age, children do not have too much control, and they can take the United States and the United States has . "Liu Ziying said. Both psychologically" massage "in terms of the time consulting newsroom, there are two clients come to counseling, a woman in her hair, there's a lady came to take measure of wear. This reporter saw next to the color consultant with colorful accessories to match the dress of the client, while explaining to her, and recommended that continue to exercise, maintain posture, I think some happy, what a sense achievement, with a pleasant mood to work and live. Liu believes that the mental and physical health of mental health has a direct role, for those 40 years of age, middle-aged women, with the onset of menopause , some fluctuations are accompanied by emotional, irritable mood often affects the state of family harmony. "This woman is an increasing need is to listen to a lot of clients who come to share their feelings, and I are free, as long as customers are better after mediation, we are particularly pleased. "This message has been edited Excel 2007 -04-23 11:40:14
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