Hebei Import & Export Co., Ltd. Questions? Products have been urging me to sign the contract in the past, related questions

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Hebei Import & Export Co., Ltd. Questions? Products have been urging me to sign the contract in the past,1mehak2012-07-28 15:47:02
Before I saw them in the network Qiugou bamboo products, after the contact, but also to the samples confirmed that the sample confirmed after the can, and called me later signed a contract to bring documents to Shijiazhuang, the profit is not very good, also the number of , but this product network Qiugou and reality which many people do exist?
What products pakistan can import and export from SAFTA countries?1molisa2012-09-13 20:17:01
I want to know about the total exports and imports under SAFTA countries that Pakistan can import and export ? please help me in this regard and suggest me best available sites.and alos tell me what their terms and conditions of trade .
Guidance regarding set up of an import and export trading of engineering products.?0jowy2012-07-10 18:37:02
I would create a small trading company dealing with my own import and export of engineering products . The main idea would be to source products for end users in India from abroad and domestic products for export to countries outside . Who do I contact and what are the prerequisites to get started?
Can a private limited company start import and export business without any export import licence in india.?3abd2016-06-06 20:30:54
make a limited company and we intend to start importing goods from Malaysia for trading purposes , now that we are registered as a limited liability company does not require a license for the import of goods saperately .
Will Bynum be willing to sign a contract in Orlando for Orlando to say yes to a sign and trade?0DAVISHA2012-07-31 07:58:01
Orlando will only trade for Bynum if he agrees to signing an extension.
What happens if I hold a crude oil futures contract past expiration?0Zakiyah2012-08-01 05:29:02
Let's say I am trading crude oil futures, and I accidentally held a contract past expiration. What would happen? I can't actually take delivery of 1,000 barrels of oil! Conversely, what would happen if I held a sort contract passed expiration? I don't have 1,000 barrels of oil to deliver! Would these situation be settled in cash? What exactly would happen? Thanks!
Should I go with him to sign a contract?0mhhw2012-07-24 13:17:02
May 11 Greater China Made me through instant messaging software and a Zhuhai GUIDEC negotiate an amount of 100 million customers in the textile and yarn orders. Other plant products online through my understanding of my products, you are very satisfied with this present one was reached on the verbal: 230T twill Brushed jeanette 200,000 meters. At his request, I send him samples of the past. Days later, he did not call me, I did not ask him to contact, on the 23rd morning, I suddenly received his call, saying I gave him samples of style, quality, meet the requirements, has been confirmed. First 30% deposit to me and goods to Dongguan Humen Port and then pay 20% of the remaining money be paid within ten days. I told him we can not accept, after all, is the first cooperation, there is no reliable integrity, (his company to register online in the Greater China manufacturers are ordinary members, not the integrity of certification by a member, so I'm worried about) asking them to carry section delivery, he said, even the boss to discuss. PM me back then, have agreed to my request, I took the information to negotiate a contract over and talk to them. Later I found out that his company is the exclusive women's underwear, the above fax number and phone and he gave me are not the same, I am confused over why he wanted me to fax the contract can be signed is not it? Now a lot of crooks, all kinds of good ideas there, I do not know is not the liar, and I go or should go? Please help Weapon. Thank you!
Can car dealership force you to sign a new contract after the first one?2redge2012-10-05 12:03:02
Financed a used car. My dad had to cosign with me since I am only 23 and have not built up enough credit on my own. With his cosign, I was approved for $7,295 for 48 months at 9.49% and had an $800 trade-in. The car was originally $7,995, but the owner of the dealership screwed up his own paperwork by not communicating with his salesman (whom I mentioned to the owner by name) and sold it to me for $6,495. With title and taxes it came to just under $7,000. I honestly did not realize the mistake until the dealer, myself, and my father had already signed the contract and related paperwork, and also not until I had driven it off the lot. It has been only 3 days since then and the dealer sent us a new contract with the $800 they fudged up added back on, plus they increased my interest rate to 10.49%, 1% higher then what they originally gave me. I feel as if I did nothing wrong, because I went in with absolutely zero intention of deceiving or defrauding anyone. I signed the contract like an unsuspecting doofus (meaning I didn't read it) and my father also swears that the contract underlined what his understanding of the transaction was supposed to be. Without my father's signature, the dealership is not going to get a new contract signed. There was not a previous agreement verbal or otherwise about selling the car for $7,995-$800 at 10.49% interest. Can the dealership legally force us to sign the new contract or take any other legal action? (Note: We reside in a different state than the dealership)
Home interior design how to sign the contract?1Milkey 2012-03-10 03:11:30
The interior design of a house to sign the contract?
Our unit did not pay unemployed insurance to us, if do not sign labor contract with us how to do?1Maximilia2012-02-14 19:00:17
Our unit does not pay unemployment insurance for us, if not sign labor contract with us how?
Dealership can't get original loan financed, asks me to sign new contract, I say no, what now?1junior2015-07-29 22:17:46
I had a trade in, in which I owed and they said they would have it paid off before my next payment. Didnt happen. Now its been about 10 days and they call me back, to sign the "final papers". I drive 30 miles to be yelled at and argue, eventually having a door slammed in my face. I ask for my car back and tell them I would like to go elsewhere. They say no and I have two options, take the new loan (which they claim will save me money) or they will just send the original to the bank and pay a "fee" for them to accept it. I told them I wanted to take my business elsewhere, that there customer service sucked and that what happened was ridiculous. So I left, in there car and the next day they call me with yet another contract offer. They claim this one will save me even more, but at this point I dont even want to do business with them. So I said no, he says he'll call me back. Has not called back. Is there really a fee they can pay to get the original approved?
The United States is the world's output of agricultural products than any other country why the coffee, cocoa, natural rubber and other tropical agricultural products need to import large quantities?1Lesley2012-03-12 00:38:57
Jiji Ji ! ! ! ! !

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