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Need agent in Africa and middle east country2Kimberley2012-07-11 21:34:02
We are trading company from India and searching for trusted agent to expand our business overseas.
Is Any Country in The Middle East Safe for developing country Workers?2Demie2012-09-11 16:53:04
I Heard Contemporary slavery is manifest in a variety of forms, most commonly: Chattel slavery: a person is bought, sold, traded, inherited, or given as a gift, considered "property" (Sudan, Mauritania) Debt Bondage: someone is forced to work, held as collateral against a debt they or a relative owe (India, Nigeria, Florida) Sex Slavery: mostly women and girls forced to have sex with "clients," often without protection (Thailand, former Soviet republics, United Kingdom) Forced Labor: including forced domestic work, construction work, work in restaurants, night clubs, and many other types (Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Brazil) Middle East: Sri Lankan Domestic Workers Face Abuse Middle East countries employ bulk of Sri Lankan domestic workers. Sri Lankan women migrate to the Middle East as domestic workers annually-125000.
I need customers from brazil,india,africa,middle-east,russia,Hongkong,south america,how to get them?0sachu2012-07-15 19:38:02
I need customers from brazil,india,africa,middle east,russia,Hongkong,south america,how to get them? If you are from above countries,pls contact me or add my online info,tks. . msn [email protected] Skype snowebenton URL
I would like to be a sales agent in East africa0liu2012-10-04 02:10:34
Hello I would like to become an agent of the company service in East Africa.
How can I find a reliable Agent for " Haier Brand " mobile phone in African&Middle East regions ???1Lil Okie 2012-03-27 21:24:16
How I can find a reliable agent for the " Brand Haier " mobile phone in the regions of East Africa and the Middle East ? ?
Is the solution to piracy off the Horn of Africa, and now off East Africa, political or military?0stuck on this one ?2012-10-08 22:17:18
I am retired from the U.S. Navy and know that there are many viable military solutions such as designated lanes that can be easily monitored . However, this article suggests that the solution is political . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus / without
Is this a way to get through to those countries in the Middle East?2Mayl2012-11-04 01:07:02
CAIRO ( Reuters ) - A flaw in an international undersea cable network disrupted Internet links to Egypt , India and the Gulf countries on Wednesday , and Egypt said it could take several days for services to return to normal MedlinePlus . Egypt said its call centers saw their services cut by more than 30 percent , and two Egyptian stockbrokers said market transactions were considerably slower and some international trading orders could not pass . MedlinePlus " It (the break) had a very negative impact on the stock market today ," said a trader based in Cairo , who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue . "Sometimes , were trading blind." MedlinePlus
Search for Middle East customers1Oliver2012-02-19 22:02:13
Middle East customers search fu moves, I see people say that a good customer in the Middle East, but also provides a bit of searching Yellow Pages , but I'm useless, my method is wrong, or the use the keyword is incorrect our products are plastic tableware , there are records that every time to find experts to help me for a moment , please , thanks
How do I find pull down bed from Middle East?2 Ya Love Tang screen name -2012-03-23 06:43:50
My company is in need down in bed to be installed as accommodation vessel one of our project requirements. Size is given as 2000 mm x 800 mm. But if you have another design can please let me know.
How do I find ksafone from Middle East?1Basilia2012-02-08 17:24:36
I am in Qatar how I can ksafone card
What should i be caustious when trading with bussinessman from the middle east?1Abbie2012-08-08 12:10:02
my company focus on exploring the market of the middle east. so, i ask the question for help.
How do I find foam sealant for window from Middle East?0Babouchka2012-07-26 22:08:01

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