Apparel industry must know the 12 largest international apparel industry website

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The apparel industry must know the website of 12 largest international garment industry
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Textiles sector must meet the highest international site 12 garment 1. The garment industry is a navigation station, I found your site the highest industry quality garments, garment industry and the most comprehensive navigation station, he discovered understand Station leading brands around the world is not afraid to nowhere! (Why the first recommendation, we read to understand!) 2. This station is a world almost five foreign major conference to see the last conference, the entire brand image of the station, it's amazing! Everyone has sent some photos to share this week! 3. Bazar This is the official station, outside, inside information is the cutting edge of fashion. 4. this season can be a lot of people do not know, but it's really very good, you can find a lot of ready-made foreign brands a good style, but it depends on your level of English I! 5. cool this season, you can see the inside of many of the latest fashion video released! 6. is a Japanese magazine pictures update soon stops, not the small Kane, that many more on the map fashion magazine, many of them very good! You can also find today many Japanese popular 7 points. This is a very representative of the South Korean clothing station, which brought many styles are very popular in the country! (National brands have a lot of people who stop operating style, eh, eh) 8. this is Japan, and saw his lecture, you will know what "master quality" 9. not think much of this description, and there are lots of fashion-forward information to remind you only see 10. This should be more understanding of everything, or sent to people who do not know! 11. These designers often go to the website to find a good feeling, does not speak English is useful to Station 12. do the latter especially for the friend of men, and men too few resources, but we must keep in mind is enough, huh, huh! (It may be an exaggeration to say) --------------------- more personal point of view, only for exchange, welcome to carry forward the spirit of sacrifice, there is good Done with the message Close ! ! [EM24]
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