Doesn't the operating system install XP to go up? Urgent person. related questions

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Doesn't the operating system install XP to go up? Urgent person.1Astrid2012-06-24 17:15:02
The team of the friend who had moved only 2 years of purchase, is 98 computer systems, change your XP now, as a result of the first set is the rate at which the hard disk begins to enter the 2 second stage , the system seems unable to move from self . Ask at the door as to analyze the analytical reason .
Often install the operating system and format the hard disk drive damage it?1namrot2012-07-24 04:30:02
My computer suddenly restart when used, customer service problem is XP operating system, then the operating system how to determine which part went wrong?0Del2012-07-28 01:15:01
My computer suddenly restarts when used, the customer service problem is the XP operating system , the operating system how to determine how much has gone wrong ?
Urgent appeal: How is after Dell Vostro 1310 always restarts, always showing the operating system is missing to return a responsibility?1Ethel2011-12-24 21:36:05
The Dellvostro1310 buying again, after mounting XP, all application software reload, missingoperatingsystem always displays after a reboot, had appeared N seconds , speed crazy , please help !
Can you use U excuse me dish (1G above) install XP? How to configure? Help! Thank! (urgent urgent ~~ ! ! )1Mande2012-05-23 10:57:59
Mine is portable! CD is bad! Want to install a system! With U dish XP ( 1G above) installation ? How to configure? Set U is, divide the team that still has me was bought in 2000 ! How to solve each master -6000 HP Federation of Trade Unions excuse me ? Thank you !
Operating System1Cliffor2012-03-10 04:21:24
I downloaded the game CS1.5 hard drive , if I play against the computer , then ran inside after entering the game for a long time not see how people , ah, but I press to go to war QQ platform approach , another person , ask what the little brother to help me , please? Thank you !
Urgent urgent! ! ! Excuse me my machine child condition of this locality connective is " accept restriction or also go up not to go without the broadband on join " , how is knowing good? (It is XP system)1swamp donkey 2012-04-29 01:31:52
Urgent Urgent! ! ! Excuse me a child of the machine in this town is conjunctive "accept the restriction or also go to not go without broadband in the union," knows how good? ( System is XP )
What operating system does Motolora E770V use?1Clar2012-10-04 18:32:02
What can tell me Motolora to E770V is used? Operating system
Operating system Windows folder1Augu2012-03-18 06:12:23
What is the status of the system folder ? What files are there? ? System32 is it? ?
About choice of Windows operating system1Dominic2012-03-20 19:11:02
I want to return the Windows system, it is recommended that everyone ( is home to good tomato ?) Computer Configuration : 75hz 64mb hard drive 760mb memory 80g sample of calories from 2.61GHz
My system is Windows Me under the office 2003 (running in the ME) will not install, it says "your system does not find the product version"1Douglas Walker2012-09-20 01:11:02
Ask about the operating system programming language, in what good,1Ryan2011-12-22 04:46:11
There are no related websites thanks

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