yoga moment in bloom!

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Yoga, in the flowers become attached to the moment Xiage yoga, but a coincidence. Taoshu to the bookstore when I saw my very clean cover compiled by Miss Han Jun's "Yoga Beginner, Intermediate Course," the book in the other fancy fitness is particularly prominent. Xiage bought it. See her in the bedroom holding the book fascinated the first time learned a good mystery behind yoga. Summer vacation just started, they came to Jinan Xia Ge, Zen has become an international yoga instructor class students. The first day of school, Xia Ge Han Jun teacher happened to encounter, and conducted exchanges and Han Jun teachers. Xia Ge, said: "moment, I seem to suddenly find a direction, I do have a teacher as a person smile." Warm and simple martial arts room, diffuse soft melodious music, wooden floor, Xia Ge Han Jun, the teacher followed smooth gentle guidance, began her first lesson yoga class. Teacher graceful posture, elegance and spirit, between one breath, yoga is so light and agile. Xiage sincerely in love with yoga, she likes to "limit the edge of the gentle stretching", like the Han Jun, respected teacher, "sixteen seconds adhere to the" like "the the clear" to express the feeling of yoga. In addition to yoga posture, rest, surgery, adjustable rate, breathing, meditation, and those ancient legend, there are many other rich curriculum. Xiage in the International Yoga Training College Zen hungry to learn a professional yoga knowledge. A month's time, she got excellent results Zen Yoga Intermediate international coaching certificate, feeling completely reborn. Xiage change is obvious, even their mothers would feel: usually sickly, delicate daughter of the weak, to become healthy and bright, calm and sensible. Xia Ge said, the sun do every day ceremony is to teach me to protect health, grateful, gratitude and love the sun, the sun and love in return. Back to school, Xia Ge began to teach the students to practice yoga, stress reduction, body sculpting, to improve dysmenorrhea. Students praised the Xiage: yoga club coach than the nearby and more professional. Xiage heart of a dynamic, began to try to test the nearby yoga class club, by members of praise, as the object of competition for the yoga club, have asked is where to receive training, the yoga club also gives each owner a class more than 80 yuan in the class fee. The Xiage order not to delay their studies, can only teach yoga part-time as an amateur. In this way, when other students are still dependent on family remittances to resolve the cost of living and learning, the Xia Ge has been completely self-reliance of the. Xiage yoga instructor qualification has also been attention to the student union, she was Chair of the Association for the school invited yoga instructor, a well-known figure on campus. Under the influence of the Xia Ge, many students choose to study Zen International Yoga Institute, to develop their own future. Today, Xia Ge has not yet graduated from college, already has more than two years teaching experience in a professional yoga instructor. Her elegant, graceful posture, gestures between the self-confidence and independence. For upon graduation, Xia Ge has a clear goal, she wanted to enter their favorite companies, in their daily work magic verify yoga-style management, leisure time is still part-time yoga instructor. She should strive to accumulate, the year before in 28 years to open a yoga institutions of their own efforts. Students today face the difficult employment, Xiage leisurely, because she believes, not for the flowers bloom, each flower to blossom flower petals brilliant. And every minute of her efforts, even if not necessarily going to have wonderful results, but also enough to light up a young life. Yoga, Zen is so confident about the future Xiage
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