Sony a230 kit (with 18-55 lens) with wide-angle it? There is no zoom? The shot is! ? ? related questions

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Sony a230 kit (with 18-55 lens) with wide-angle it? There is no zoom? The shot is! ? ?1Stanley2012-06-30 08:44:02
Sony A230 kit (with 18-55 lens ) wide angle of it? No zoom ? The vaccine is! ? ? Give you the following address : CB % F7 % B5 % C4% E1a230 +% EB% A5% B5 % CD% CC % B7% D7 % BB % FA : e1fb302b6bda379a00a08190f17f34d6ali_trackid = 1_e1fb302b6bda379a00a08190f17f34d6http : / / / auction / item_detail.jhtml ? item_id = c69d0238aee30118e83abc6de2a9a429ali_refid = a3_419252_1006 : 1102329338:6 : CB %% %% F7 % B5 + C4 E1a230 % A5 % B5 % CD% BE% CC % B7% D7 % BB % FA : e1fb302b6bda379a00a08190f17f34d6ali_trackid = 1_e1fb302b6bda379a00a08190f17f34d6
Fujitsu S5600 wide-angle camera can hold it? How to load? Wide-angle type, price?1rose -psydag2012-06-30 05:40:02
Fujitsu S5600 can support wide-angle camera ? How to load ? Wide-angle type, price ?
How do I find camera lens zoom for canon A1000?1Dick2012-01-27 20:25:37
How I can find the camera's zoom lens for Canon A1000is
What Is Alpha Zoom Shot Pro? Buy Now!0zoomshto02022-05-20 11:22:40
ZoomShot Pro this zoom out so meaningful and purposeful. We understand that claustrophobia on a gut-level, rather than anyone having to say it.When a zoom shot is executed rapidly, it is called a crash zoom. When you crash zoom into a close-up, it provides energy and impact to a reaction shot. This type of shot is most associated with classic kung fu movies and can you guess which filmmaker loves kung fu movies? Click Here  
The camera lens systole of my SONY W1 does not obey orders.1:そ -2012-01-18 17:35:01
My camera has several types W1 movie mode , but my co-discovery of patterns in the degree see photo , for example according to the camera lens really should pack who came, but still maintains the shooting mode. I know that to send the repair is the easiest way , but I do not know this kind of problem is repaired , the increase of the complex, is what the reason is , as here refer to each well.
sony t10 6 times what is still 2 times digital zoom? many sites have different versions1Poppy2012-06-02 23:56:21
sony t10 6 times what is still 2 times digital zoom ? many sites have different versions
Red circle yellow circle lens What is shot1Flaming Spaz 2012-03-23 00:22:35
Red circle lenses yellow circle thing that shot
The UV lens of 35-80MM camera lens is of how many norms1Carlo2012-05-01 20:44:38
My camera is beautiful can EOS1000FN
looking for manufacturers of contact lens and contact lens solution.1Danie2012-02-12 01:04:01
looking manufacturers of contact lenses and contact lens solution .
angle of the video?1Alva2012-03-26 23:34:04
angle of the video where to find?
SONY-VGN-U8C and SONY-VGN-UX17C these two laptops which is good! ?1Osca2012-05-13 20:45:37
From the parameters, performance, price , appearance and other aspects of the overall comparison , do not address the answer for me , because I have to consider buying it! Questions added: Thanks to xivision responses , I wish I could say more in detail, even the best systems of support pass- through experience , or even to talk about .....
When the infrared Zhuangkao, how to grasp the timing and angle of turn?1Aver2012-03-21 21:11:31
When the infrared Zhuangkao , how to capture the moment and the angle of rotation ?

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