What about the Bluetooth headset connection problems with the PPC phone? related questions

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What about the Bluetooth headset connection problems with the PPC phone?1KoKaNeE BaBy 2012-01-06 17:36:00
Now currently using O2 XDA ATOM. Is Windows Mobile 5.0 system . Bluetooth is activated, you can search my Bluetooth headset (I TECH) , when the connection is less than 5 seconds after the call no sound, and music is the same , about 5 seconds, the phone automatically switches to the speaker. I do not know why?
Bluetooth headset phone access PIN forgotten. How to do?1J.M.2012-07-21 22:47:02
I have a Sony Ericsson Bluetooth headset, the Nokia 8910 in the top before too, is normal, but can not remember when was the need for access to PIN, or set the PIN, I recently bought a Motorola E1 mobile phone models, the access PIN is required , the error was unable to connect, please solve the master! !
K750 Bluetooth headset that can be heard with MP3?1Brad2012-05-29 23:21:23
Want to buy a Bluetooth headset to listen music in MP3, which can not only answer the phone in the know, please say what ah ~ ~ Please
Nokia 7600 Bluetooth headset you can use MOTO1Tseday2012-10-21 18:24:02
`` `` `` `` `` ``
Bluetooth headset is so small, battery capacity is how much?1, Prince 2012-02-08 01:02:23
Affect the wait!
Bluetooth headset out for a long time, why not now? Will lose electricity? Thank you1jennah2012-07-09 12:15:02
Why can not I W550C NOKIA HS-26W Bluetooth headset for listening to music, but can only receive calls?1Curry cat 2012-03-07 02:23:29
Nokia cell phone calls and music with no problem , why can only be used to pick up the Sony Ericsson?
LCD TV via VGA connection problems with your computer?0Ivona2012-06-28 21:13:01
My Hisense 32-inch LCD TV connected to my laptop, the graphics resolution of only 800 * 600 and 1024 * 768 widescreen resolution is not available. My desktop is extended on television . You, by any means to get my laptop capable widescreen (1,360 x 768 or otherwise) to display on the LCD TV ?
Expert help me solve the Nokia 6681 and PC connection problems1ABBY 2012-03-25 00:49:54
I do not know how the first two days of my team up a bit of PC suite and then N91 to my 6681 re-use of data lines and computer connections to die when the Rom , you can not establish a connection so you can install the PC packages are installed before removing and then installing from the PC Suite 6681 , but still not connect. What is the reason? How to resolve it Thanks
I want to buy a 500 within the mobile phone with a headset, I recommend several who1chrystian2012-08-02 04:43:52
It is best if used, have personal experience
Sale car kit (HANDFREE) for all cell phone headset plug1 Kefir -2012-05-12 20:42:09
Taobao link to interested friends can talk, I am in Shanghai. 122768912http QQ / / auction1.taobao.com/auction/view_personal_sale_item.jhtml ? View_type = viewonsale Products
Sponge condom on the headset to go back to the headset does not influence the effect of it?1Tobey2012-05-31 20:39:51

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