Slotted grinding circuit to change the old wall paint brush will not directly affect the re- related questions

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Slotted grinding circuit to change the old wall paint brush will not directly affect the re-1Lilith2012-06-20 10:46:31
My house is 05 years of second-hand housing , which we like to re-paint brush , wall bathroom wall is just a bubble rather small, and I see a lot of experts say that the decoration can re-polish brush to paint the future. If I want good groove wall on the changes in the circuit may also be true ? We will have to shovel out the whole wall putty , but after sanding the old paint brush directly to him ?
Brush off the wall of my house walls, paint brush Can now directly1Azarias2012-02-05 18:07:04
Not the middle of what was doped
If you do not brush the paint on apartment decoration, only the paint brush (paint brush 3 times), what problems may happen in future0Fonzeworth2012-07-07 17:17:02
Is there a paint brush over the wall to wallpaper paste?1Sherry2012-05-27 18:44:24
Second-hand housing , we want a strong re - shovel as brush painting directly on the good that already exists in the wall wallpaper
Several times within the wall paint brush foundation fight?1Cynthia2012-03-04 05:02:20
That are 2 times the workers directly foundation brush , methods, right? Friends to help, please tell ah .... ! Thank you .. hurry. !
Residential buildings began to brush the wall paint, and behind what other processes?1Love Boy(L) 2012-01-04 01:50:41
How long subject to completion faster?
Paint brush the surface before it is best to shovel out? Turned gray wall0I ana2012-06-23 10:15:02
Before the developers have painted the gray walls of the wall, but listen to a residential property management is best to paddle to paint the surface of the latex paint, or otherwise easily from the shell ( the bubble .) Renewal of people want to say, because it is a gray wall , you can not gray walls , shovel against the wall directly into the gray matter. However, the blade and then the wall , effort and money, wanted to know, do not need a shovel, not prone to any problems spade , a shovel , then what can solve the problem. Kazakhstan Prawns problems you see, the answer would be a plus Good
We used in indoor decoration, the outer wall paint, and now want to abolish the heavy brush that is too hard, difficult, is there any way to any good points?1Osca2012-05-03 21:13:11
Was used in interior decoration , painting the exterior wall , and now want to abolish the thick brush that is too hard , difficult, is there any way of the good points?
The wall decoration is a good paint brush or wallpaper paste is good, and effects from the price of it.0Suzanne2012-06-26 22:01:01
The wall decor is a good paint brush or wallpaper paste is good, and the effects on the price of it.
When renovation house paint brush paint brush with not ah? Some said no.2fishbowl2020-11-27 00:24:23
Wood paint finish can not just brush, not paint brushes?1Sophia2012-02-29 19:19:44
My home decor, because many things are bought , so what to do carpentry, and only four panels to paint , buy a coat, a manual exhausted , lost big boss wants to sell the painting to buy a finish, brushless the paint is not affected ? Do not you know ?
A few days ago to install air conditioning, home wall paint by impact drill broke, and ask you what way to fix the wall?1Pauline2011-12-28 01:02:44
Installation of air conditioning, wall paint at home by the impact drill broke, and fell about 7 cm in diameter , 3 cm depth of broken wall blocks , broken cement mortar surface exposed, such as touch of hands, but also gray. Almost circular shape of the damaged walls , the location near the air below the rim. It is used in any way to fix the wall? Lafarge caulk those who stay at home, white cement, ceramic tile sealer , no I can not know what you need? Thank you !

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