Meal course of study how account? Complete by mouth of businessman Xiang Yu the Conqueror?

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Meal course of study how account? Complete the mouth of businessman Xiang Yu the Conqueror ?
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Have a lunch cafe, restaurant had a lot of people is the regular election, plates makes a study of the central points to consumer complaints, of course, too. The reporter was in Guangzhou last few days, the wine shop street food, food etc held on grass randomly interviewed. At 15 people can visit, more than most, probably, citizens feel the service of dishes from Guangzhou to study remains improve reflective consuming problem "," to serve this field, such as cost, "" more centrally. Exceed 7 thought the clause "of" Xiang Yu, the conqueror of rising inequality appears in courses of study on the citizen, we will call to consumers as an apprentice. The holiday eating more sets this option to define the lowest consumption more vexed issue was old. And in recent years, of course guangzhou food joint study of the circumstances but not to get eaten, not just palliative, each time the festival's more, get worse. Participate in the report of Mr. Chen of buildings. , This year during the Spring Festival, which Zhongshan Road three times a wine store has a food anniversary of the group, the result is fierce secretary formula this year to promote the group, including 300 cheaper also want multivariate release although still expressed head 280 also should get enough yuan. Mr. Chen asked to consume the rigid regulation of "about" at least for the secretary says this is a festival only set temporarily. This type of so-called "sets" temporarily ", we know also complain of not getting tests, honest very irrational. Miss Li" is explicitly stated, although some of the dining room can only explain to consume more games before actually consumers can choose freely. But arriving at the festival, dining offered throughout almost the lowest consumption, consumers have no freedom of choice. This has "the taste of something more loot a burning house." Favorable Acceptance sold at a discount heavily to attract debtors, plenty of dining can be deployed dish a few coupons, special offer or any other method and favorable. However, these favorable back hides a lot of additional requirements however, identified a few in relation to the consumer at many times not only has no law to enjoy the privileges and ate still have a deficit. Ms. Liu ring district of the city room of a Western-style food was a meal last year, sees room makes label as "all gave birth to the day the guests that day, they have to show identification used to eat "freely only. When birthday that day, she is taking a mother to come along in this room has a meal, to bury the blade, to be informed but she can not enjoy privileges free to all. The employee placed a reason: Dining regulation must be 5 people over consume their ability to enjoy the privilege to give birth free days of dinner together, Miss Liu should be canned say nothing by strangulation. The guy says desolate guest tea, plenty of dining room you can eat the amount of yuan to send cash in the amount of yuan of "certificate", using this certificate the next time the client when, innkeeper and met with Rdquo, this type of certificate can only be in one day within a certain period of time such certificate is to use the opposite, "" special dish just bargain useful fact is prevaricating reason as "if Han, "a land that returns is the safety and bold with justice that the regulation aims to modify subsequent use, forgiveness does not report", "This certificate explains authority puts you in charge of the Inn 's before provisions of the word as like everybody, "to convince more. He thinks, the regulation of these host on one side, belong to the clause" of "Xiang Yu the Conqueror. Charging fees is confusing elements model number of the gentleman thinks, cole towel before eating dining collection, wet paper and tea (mustard) clause "of" Xiang Yu, the conqueror who practice such as the load is the first to be affected. expressed, most of the dining room is cabbage, wet before eating up directly under the condition that he did not seek an invited review paper towel, if the client does not understand or temporarily unwary, they do introduce an element sheet of a account in full. They innkeeper worse, return the rigid states cole before the customer has to consume the meat. Additional guests to the collection of 02.05 yuan / person tea (mustard) clause "of" Xiang Yu, the conqueror who is also the cost of inequality. Even if the client does not want to forward to the boiling water, the Secretary may calculate a good tea for the cost survey sheet number makes to introduce an element of an account. Individual back dining on one side to make a few collect fees damn piece white-regulatory elements or that consumers will not be able to challenge. For example, Mr. Deng 91 control subjects for seafood dining to love collection "seafood cost of the machine "in the report, all seafood should add receive 10 yuan to 20 yuan to go, make a mirror of knight a little chaos in the dining room to pick up the bottle of the fee, Ms. Wang is mirrorred established during the festival a lot of wine shop, can not bill. How the clause of Xiang Yu the Conqueror not report the majority of consumers, "a range of unjustifiable" guild regulations work in front of food, exist and "convention", the consumer who serves as the weak force, as well as accepting as well have no choice. As we have learned, the main reason that the clause "of" Xiang Yu Madness is the conqueror is the clause that no pair of corresponding operator for a tie for active duty, the code. Meanwhile, dishes study of good and evil intermingle in the quality of staff, of course, study, the threshold of the industry is not very high, too, is fine for a furnace, boiler, add a spoon guard assembly. The service of self-discipline, awareness within the industry to add either good fine form and the environment, not to create pressure and tie business man fined no pawn of the word of a benefit of a few.
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