"Three Kingdoms" Min sent a new round of strategic layout Men

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"Three Kingdoms " Min sent a new round of strategic design men
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"Three Kingdoms" Min sent a new round of strategic distribution of men during a period, Fujian sent men opened a new round of strategic distribution market. This is a high-end mobile marketing around the beginning, with the goal against the city's central market. The summer of 2007, Ba Jin planted a pawn in Guangzhou, southern China set up a marketing center. In the same year in November, Rimula Zaiduofali, the commercialization of its research and development center in Shanghai Huaihai Road was established. New School of Hideo Min Leopard Man Wolf recently also established marketing centers in Hangzhou. Seven wolves are unique, the Committee approved the fund-raising rights issue in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi'an and other cities to set living museum. In addition, some companies to advance the way branches operate the city's central market. In late October last year, high-end positioning Qipai operation in Shanghai, China, the mark of the collar; Spring Festival this year, the notch of the Guangzhou Branch will be fully operational, Lee Lang, nine, breeding animal, the king, the tiger and the ingenuity and other operational aspects of the industry has long been at hand. Analysts said that the city was a center of Fujian to send men ahead to channel a means of updating and recycling, does not mean leaving school Min "Gene" - is still based in Fujian, remains the high-end marketing strategies to promote the location and the minimum base school style. Via: the creation of marketing centers "war-torn years, burning passion, has been overcome, and now we have to calm down and make rational adjustments of the time!" This seems like a great unity of the lines of film and television, then, is the Administrator of the King's Men General of Hong Zhongxin Co. Pa on 15 September last year in terms of meeting its national distributor, the implication is to advance the central city, which leads to achieving the status of the regional brand. In fact, from Guangzhou to Shanghai, Hangzhou and Fujian Marketing Center to send the diversification strategy of the men has given fruitful results. The summer of 2007, Ba Jin Co., Ltd. located in Jinjiang headquarters Ying Lin men on the basis of the marketing center for the company director and director of marketing, Zhiyong Hong, "starring" was Guangzhou, southern China Marketing Centre. In the high-end market Qipai get tickets shortly after Shanghai, November 2007, Ba Jin Men Co., Ltd. Shanghai R & D Marketing Center will open at the Huaihai Road. Marketing center in the establishment of the Shanghai R & D news, takes place in Xiamen last year Rimula conference about the new revelation. Although the company does Ba Jin, once outage, but the wind finally filtered. Marketing Rimula top of his Shanghai R & D created, upgraded to a "fired the first shot to advance in the central city" and "start the third business strategy" level. Since then, the trading center to promote the city center had become the trend. New orders moved twice in Hangzhou, the development of male leopard fur clothing Co., Ltd., with eyes on the advantages of Hangzhou culture, geography and logistics, etc., which cost 70 million yuan In late 2007, in Hangzhou Xiaoshan bought a building near the airport, will be after the Spring Festival this year, the commercialization of research and development center established in Hangzhou. Currently, the project has met all the renovation work. Second way: Museum building alive as soon as Ba Jin and men leopard fur Fujian enterprises to send men to the center to promote the marketing center of the city before the seven wolves had taken similar steps. In 2005, seven wolves, lions will be moved to Xiamen R & D and marketing agencies, while strengthening and Hong Kong, Shanghai and Japan in R & D efforts to integrate links and resources, commitment to innovation marketing and product development capacity. The fashion industry in China at that time, the situation of overcrowding ups and downs. The 80 of the last century was to send the plates for 90 min leader in the last century, after the dishes were Guangdong, Zhejiang and catch plate, seven wolves in the domestic market faces enormous competitive pressures. At the same time, China's industry of clothing, a severe shortage of design and development capacity, lack of originality, which leads to the homogenization of products and brands hollow. In this case, seven wolves, Fujian Industrial Co., Ltd., Chow admitted that the School Board Min to break, should the design and development of products to make their own characteristics. At that time, as the first company listed in Fujian to send seven men, wolves, after the 2004 list of resources caused by the mass effect had a very good digestion. In 2005, seven wolves will be a great chain of monopoly money into the system, so that the terminals of seven wolves to further enhance competitiveness. Min sent as a brand leader in the field of men, seven wolves sense of smell. Of course, Ba Jin and other companies of different male lions leopards, seven wolves is a form of fundraising in the rights issue in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi'an and other cities to establish a living museum. Last year, seven wolves Industrial Co., Ltd. of Fujian other 3,000 shares of opening the program, increasing 600 million yuan of funds for updating channel marketing. Related programs in several cities in 20 men living museum development, construction area of ​​800 square meters of seven werewolves living museum, supporting the expansion of 200 flagship stores and 600 stores.
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