Downloader virus affects Exe file ceaselessly, how be clear about this virus thoroughly?

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Asked at 2012-06-09 11:15:06
Turn on today's mobile phone in a short time , Norton has to catch the virus exe Downloader compared to the track, be clear about the failure , segregation is a success. After that Norton plays a clew is to draw a frame around constantly , be affected whenever the Downloader virus executable file is different ( C d e f plate exe is infected), be clear that also maintains a failed entirely successful . The lucky star that reduce toxin use (the library most recently on September 14 of the virus) , reduce toxins , while Norton plays a similar clew draw a frame around constantly even , that the world hard disk is almost all EXE files are kept separate by infection. Separate file can not be restored , still sick poison point , how this? This fall , either on my computer so that you can use? ? ? What the Downloader virus this is, after all? Why so fierce ? ? Want what can only be clear about this virus completely , restore the exe file of pollution ?
Answer1RobertAnswered at 2012-06-18 06:12:19
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