What brand are lifting belt?

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caiman, cayman
Asked at 2012-06-07 21:04:31
What brand is raising the belt ?
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Elevation of imports to Germany and most exciting lifting belt , Germany and in high spirits lifting strap lifting strap has a round and flat cargo area two. Good macro Home Center (TEL : O u2461 u2461 - u2461 u2463 u2462 u2461 u2465 u2465 u2460 u2460 Miss Wang Fax: O u2461 u2461 - u2461 u2463 u2462 u2461 S u2465 u2465 O), including the lifting strap round lifting sling with two types of flat , round, round sling can be divided into EA , EA- A lifting belt loop . Medium rise flat plane with EB , EB -B belt surveying . Yield lifting structure for lifting belt synthetic fiber is a software slings , lifting force to the use of high quality polyester filament manufacturing and low elongation , is the thread replacement. Lift strap in the international arena has been widely used in industrialized countries fifty years. Elevation with the superior performance of most users of all ages.
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