Indoor decorate how to avoid pitfall

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Interior decorating how to avoid traps
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1, can have little greed, the choice of what you have serious credit has a real force to decorate a company or person, respect the reasonable profit from their earnings. 2, the family decorates estimated program cost is due: The cost of raw material costs, construction, administrative expenses, the benefit must be clear, and decorate a company without the credit, ensuring quality and service or construction group often takes "the form that opens to walk along" high to the appointment contracts to make a business work. 3, falling materials of poor quality. The material in the budget in accordance with poor actually use, especially at the basic level and lower used false data in order to reduce costs. Materials or increase loss of purpose, the name given by the falling value of the project increases. It should be clear before signing the contract the program itself needs a data, construction and the service project, the name checks instead cites a list item, material, quantity, practice, prices monovalent , total calls for the designer to provide forms for reporting statistics certificate "of" material compliance. Detailed construction practices and materials the name of an item is revealed in the graph construction, for a contract as an accessory. 4, of the company in the adornment of choice rather than a project monitoring or project individual tax evasion. It is often used to understand a client not decorate, leakage of purpose in the construction sheet of the draft agreement, to add one more time during the construction to raise the price quoted. Clarify the issues in question in question and the proposed increase and decrease, the owner clearly guilty of proposing to increase the project site to the needs of the scale of money by the way, do not exceed 10% frequently. Perhaps you agree the price is responsible for a unit of work until completion, you should not add a new item. 5, the response time to pay attention to share the early days, the scale that pays the first days must be compressed as much as possible so that he has the initiative. When designing deposits, clear course, "If the owner is the design program on the right is unsatisfactory, you must specify the total returns" of the promise of effective design. Deposit is not made by chance, when paying the subscription.
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