Yue Xiang chassis technology exposure, the overall replication SDL?

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Yue Xiang with the parameters of exposure, the duration of a Yuexiang and SDL, "similar to the theory" point of view at rampant. Recently, Cheung Yuet professionals revealed some chassis technology, it seems more confirms this view. According to reports, Cheung Yuet McPherson independent suspension and the first since the suspension of semi-independent torsion, beam, as with the SDL - SDL Yue Xiang in replication in general? The challenge for journalists Cheung Yuet evasive, but assured to do more refined chassis, handling and comfort will feel worth the wait. McPherson independent front suspension structure is small, simple, efficient interior space can be extended with minor changes in wheel alignment, both to ensure the comfort of the occupants, but also have a good driving stability. Therefore cars, cheaper and more use of the suspension system. The torsion bar suspension is a semi-independent suspension, a simple structure, it also provides a larger space, vehicles Secondly, transfer and reliable in the road surface to ensure smooth operation. McPherson front suspension and independent rear suspension semi-independent torsion beam, can effectively increase the space inside the vehicle to ensure passenger comfort, but also provide better stability. Can we say that the chassis Yue Xiang chosen "best fit" of your suspension system. According to the privileged information to know that a single suspension system for a duration of a Yuexiang conducted a series of technical improvements: as the reduction of the front suspension coil spring support stiffness and hardness of the bushing changing the installation angle of the flexible sleeve and which in turn increase the Festival damping device, so that the occupants are more comfortable. Shock absorbers and stabilizer bars to improve the performance increase of diameter for the control performance is better ... ... The information from disclosure, plus the convenience, stability has been a substantial increase, but more emphasis on the management of Yue Xiang - whose dazzling Cai Yue dynamic model and the concept of life requires a strong relationship. Only from these views, Yue Xiang, although the same chassis with the SDL, but that can be copied to your comfort and handling, exceed the SDL. Excluding revenue data, the real driving experience Yue Xiang, but also in post-marketing experience, we hope these new cars of the economy have brought new surprises. Oh, to be compatible with our own brand really ah, as long as the online performance Haojiu Hang speculation is hot does not mean that Ma Yue Xiang 3 you like? But apparently failed to include a real car! Again look at the good cars ~ ~ ~ There are similarities, bad cars each have their own different! vehicle chassis are like this nice man, not the backup copy and can not do a good car is good for you!
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Oh, to be compatible with our own brand reallyah, as long as the performance Haojiu Hang
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