What is the current health of the advertising industry? related questions

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What is the current health of the advertising industry?1Ceci2012-05-31 18:14:34
What is the current health of the advertising industry ?
Those who did bath industry advertising advertising1♂ → Yun salmon terror 2012-04-03 23:21:26
Those who do bath industry Advertising Advertising
What should I study to have a better opportunity in Advertising Industry?1Michaelia2012-04-29 02:20:29
What should I study to get a better opportunity in the advertising industry ?
what would the best network of contacts be to have as someone in the advertising industry?1Myolie2012-01-21 00:35:18
What is the best network of contacts, practicing as someone in the advertising industry ?
What overall challenges face the advertising industry?1Nathan2012-05-29 21:28:06
What global challenges facing the advertising industry ?
Is the current health care bill just the first step towards socialized medicine? Do we need a 3rd party.?1Kye2012-10-19 14:50:02
I think so, because the public option had no chance of being signed into law and now the left has chosen to gradually bring socialism to U.S. citizens. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I also think the CBO report ignores the 10 million annually in the cost of employing an additional 10,000 IRS agents (who will tax and penalty that are not compliant), and the solution 200 000 medicare million to come in a separate bill to ensure that doctors who accept Medicare will not go into the red. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also, (even Chuck Schumer d Ill) recognized that this bill will not reduce health care costs for most Americans. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I think that progressives to use and say 5-10 years down the road (after the United States is addicted to this "social program welfare law" and have given amnesty to 20 million illegal) that medical care is too face and we must now go to socialized medicine to contain costs.Do see health legislation ending the current bill??? (I do not) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus For me, this current bill is not really about the cost or even health care,. These accumulate power and control more and more aspects of the lives of American citizens, it is all about social and economic justice (AKA communism / socialism) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please do not think I believe in Republicans well as consumer habits have been almost as bad as the Democrats in the last 15 years or so. They have also committed atrocities against economic citizens of this country through the promotion of the global economy and the export of American jobs by big business to our foreign competition. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This is why I am in favor of a third party, as both Democrats and Republicans seem to care only to keep power, but do so in very different ways. We need new politicians who respect the Constitution, not tax and spend our money for their own interests or the interests of big business, someone who is going to enforce our immigration laws, and governed by the will of the people who elected them, respecting the various states rights, etc. .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Funny how the country before progressives instituted "temporary income tax" to the Constitution, the government supported itself (including the military) through import tariffs. (I think because of the nature of the trading in the past 30 years, which may be in people's best interest to investigate again I personally know of anyone or any average American who has benefited from NAFTA ( . do you?) think that gay marriage should be legally recognized, but must be socially tolerated. Though not say you smoke marijuana legalize and tax as we keep the drug cartels in Mexico get more financial power and not let your continue violence spilling over the border. I personally do not believe in gay marriage either, but I tell them to do whatever they want (Do any of you going to stop being gay? also serve in the military, "God knows that someone has that "I would just throw them for sexual harassment if they apply to heterosexual sex the same as if someone harasses another of the opposite sex. MedlinePlus Finally, equal rights means equal rights ... I would like to end the "affirmative action" but severely punish anyone guilty of hate crimes or discrimination (need to balance common sense in our country, not to the left or right). MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So if someone asks me if I'm a Republican or Democrat say "no, I'm a conservative libertarian constitutionalist / social. CSCL abbreviation Sounds good for either of you too?
Health food industry B2B site which is better choice?2Maric2021-08-18 13:12:55
Health food industry B2B site , which is a better option ? You have to make friends in the health food industry and nutritional supplements? Health food industry B2B site that uses relatively good ? Thank you !
Ge Luobo VS World Health Industry Network1boob 2012-01-05 20:04:33
Ge VS Luobo World Health Network Industry
How to sell advertising in a direct-mail advertising magazine?1┆ o `residual Que 2012-02-04 03:54:20
How to sell advertising in a magazine advertising direct mail ?
China's automotive industry not only with the industry itself, was kind enough to many other facilities related to policy help? The problem of traffic laws1Leste2012-04-15 06:59:51
China auto industry not only the industry itself, was kind enough to many other related facilities aid policy ? The problem of traffic laws
What do you think of major health care options on Cigna and United Health?1UZOWULU CHARLES2012-11-05 11:44:11
I was looking at investing in some argue long ( call) options Cigna (CI ) and UnitedHealth (UNH ). During the initial crisis in GW - between Bush and Obama economic markets fell and took all the main towns of the same . I was reading something to say that during that time all major health insurers "made " good profits despite the recession and does not take much of a loss.CI and the University of New Hampshire are not the same as those products or technology, but are an essential part of our lives. Looking at the graphs ( Yahoo Finance) and interactive comparison of the 2, with the Dow Jones 2 years showing the two companies above the CPI. The comparison shows the crisis five years 2008-2009 and still came CI above the CPI for this period. The trend towards very Sort (in comparison) is shown below for the 2 populations , but the trend long and much longer shows the upward trend above the CPI . I was thinking about a jump in the money (call) option not strategies , condors, collars , puts or something . Only a single in the money or deep in the money LEAP hold either CI or UNH. I have a virtual trading account on the website of Trade CBOE virtual IC and have had my account since the first week of April 2011. 4 options. 3 of them are from July 2011 and 1 for I belive ) in January 2013 . The funny thing is the 40 January 2013 (Call) made ​​a profit , as much as my July 1, 2011 43 ( call ) option. Can any of you tell me what you think of these 2 actions and may look at previous balances and revenue trends and tell me what you think of them as a jump in the long run ( option) have ? Do you think that a jump in the money could produce a stable monthly income ? thanks
I want to ask Guangzhou city to chemical industry of the sale on net of commerce of the chemical industry that promote peaceful is tasted, should make deposit first! Can you deceive people?1Michae2012-02-29 20:07:01
I want to ask the city of Guangzhou for the chemical industry sales in the trade network of the chemical industry to promote peace is tested , it should make your first deposit! Can people cheat ?

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