Want to make some friends do dress business related questions

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Want to make some friends do dress business1Honey2012-01-06 00:11:46
Want to make friends clothing business
Want to make clothes shopping in county business, how to dress Dodo1Viola2012-03-28 00:00:20
Want to make clothes shopping in the county business , how to dress Dodo
I make dress do business in a small way, in the indent on the net, can fear the other side is cheater very much, how should I do?1Tenderness due to you2012-01-07 02:30:23
Hello! I make the dress to make small-scale businesses in the script on the Web, may fear the other side is very tricky , how should I do?
How to completely write-off data to make friends in Sina. I have not ordered any business using a mobile phone, only online registered the ID number.1mole2012-01-19 01:09:57
How to write - full of data to make friends in Sina. I did not ask any business with a mobile phone , only an identification number registered online
How to make your life more beautiful,make more friends,and make the society more balance but not only materialistic?3kitten, kitty, pussy2012-01-10 23:47:58
How to make your life more beautiful , make more friends, and take stock of the society but not only materialistic? Have a good idea to contribute?
Its my friends last day at school tomorrow .we want to dress up kind of alike. so we thought of trading shoes?0Mckenzie2012-09-03 17:56:02
I buy dress bank to make a money on Alibaba, the call says to want to make venture earnest money, the mobile phone does not pick up the telephone, how to do?1Little fool 〆2012-02-23 21:41:47
I can buy the clothing bank to make some money on Alibaba , the call says it wants to make money from serious risk, the mobile phone does not answer the phone , how do?
How to make people dress was high?1Chapman2012-04-10 22:28:17
How to make people dress was high?
How to do business with friends partner?0Bhoomeeka2012-07-26 19:53:02
I am not satisfied with the work now! Recent years and a friend plan a joint venture business, he was very familiar with the industry and to organize staff, I am ready to give up work and the guys work together, provided that half of each contribution, which I manage and run a store, please other people with worked with friends to some guidance and advice, thank you! !
Dress up people, how to make jeans do not fade1Theresa2012-03-03 23:55:36
Dress up the people, how to make jeans do not fade
were in the business, look interested friends come together to discuss1-bLaZiNg^DuCk- 2012-06-21 19:21:23
were in the business, look interested friends meet to discuss the supermarket would have been a seller, usually on the point about the products and receive money, nothing happened, but a small box of tissues changed my classes ordinary life. Day, a man standing payment boring, suddenly the man with a beautiful box, I do not know what is installed. I jokingly asked, "Brother, give me gifts come ah?" "Do not ah! Specifically for you to help me." Replied the strange man. "No matter, not to onboard Palace three!" "To help you see really easy to sell the product?" "What ah? Box very well, check it out!" I played in the towel against the form with the word ice cold box. "One just got out of the wipes, very good!" "What is different, ah, no, it's almost paper towels and the general", "they add special agents of the fresh plant and natural spices, very cool with it!" "So please? First time to get well, I am free to help you put two days on the shelves! "" Yes, thank you right, your boss will not ......... "" He, ah, the day before yesterday to the provinces, and a week later again. "In the afternoon, a sudden mm pays to buy something, said:" This is what ah, it looks pretty? "I saw a man brought a box of towels in the morning ice cold, also rely on the side of the cashier. "Cloth, with a very cool summer", I thought I was casually ask. "Oh", he touched his hand. "The packaging is very nice, very unique! How much does a pack ah?", "Five Five" I know she is interested. "So expensive, ah, the other for two dollars a pack ah", "This wet wipes and not the same as the ordinary, which is based on the cold, can be refreshing, clear brain, and a special flavor! " "Oh, that between two-pack to try! Anyway, it's hot!" Later met several customers at the supermarket to buy things in such a situation is to buy the wipes! Less than an afternoon, the display box of 20 bags full of wet wipes have been bought, I looked at the blank screen box on the table, eyes bright, and so easy to sell this product, and man bigger and make the entire city agency to make a big one. Now he wants to interested friends come to talk about how to make a good move? Thanks for the!
9 younger sister are 9 yuan of dress to be worth to join in trustfully business?1Deirdre2012-04-20 12:02:12
9 the younger sister of 9 yuan of dress are of value to participate in business with confidence

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