Worry ah, I lost my identity card

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A new generation of ID cards, a few days lost , depressed, and then re-run , and then have to wait long , ah , people did not take to do bad things , ah , how
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Resident identity card are the most frequently used documents to people who work in cities, even without it, to open a bank account to save money, for "temporary residence permits," "workers permit" and can receive parcels and deliveries are required resident identity card. If the lost identity card, it will cause great inconvenience. Therefore, we must protect their identity, then once the ID card is lost, how? Identity cards, according to the Ministry of Public Security in the Implementing Rules provides that residents in the loss of identity, you must do the following things:. Report the loss immediately to the public security organs, the general competence of our work, we have to go to the police station to report the loss of unity, then write or call home, a family member in behalf of the township police station to report the loss to the house. After missing, to request a new card new identity. For the new ID card, you need to bring proof of residence booklet and open city. For the location of the new identity card is also your place of residence of the city police. . Since the new ID card for longer, usually 3 months, so you have to go through the police station in his hometown temporary ID card, and sent back, so things can work to see proof,. When a new ID card, return the temporary ID cards. Some people have lost their identity documents, the. Will ask for the identity card of other people to handle some things, including the public security organs to comply with the relevant inspection and management This is an illegal, once found, the public security organs according to the " Republic of China Public Security sanctions "imposed in violation of the provisions of the" fine of fifty yuan or warning, "the punishment. Sometimes, to borrow from another ID card services can cause unnecessary problems. Some people lose their identity, purchasing fake identity card, which is the most serious attack, if found, should be held criminally responsible, that is, which is often called "jail." In addition, we can not lend to other identity cards, or someone else use your ID card to run a series of illegal things, but the responsibility will fall on your head. Clearly, we must realize that it is harmful.
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