Seven contacts Collection What is wealth?

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Collection of seven contacts What is wealth?
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Often people complain, I would create something of their own careers, but not the main direction of the right, the lack of financial strength, even fantasy can be smart and help. In fact, enormous resources are often on the side, ie, millions of people. Always so good at understanding, care, nurture your network, you can bring people together, thus people are looking for, with such assistant, capital, technology, the channel is not readily available, there is a great need to worry? U.S. atmosphere for friends generous tycoon Rockefeller was at its peak, said with emotion: the ability to get along with others, if the same as sugar and coffee can be bought, I will pay more money this skill. Americans are more famous, he said, two years old, to make money by physical, mental make money by the age of three, four years of age, friendship, since they are based on making money. Both are about the same meaning: In so many opportunities to make money. And the way to cultivate the friendship? Greater China head Carnegie Training Hei said, contains the complete three-stage relationships, explore connections, friendship, business, looks elegant. Modern society, establishing a network of so-called Latin American relations is much less common simple past, which contains many deeper levels, that must be handled with care. In the following story, the hero of those three forces of the deep veins are staggering: one patient in the hospital, half a day more than 200 people came to visit, some major investment banks worldwide company for equity financing, there is The initiative allows customers to introduce new customers to it. Their common feature is to take the initiative to find a network of contacts to find people who want to know to find ways to meet, to know later, when his friends generously treated. Some people might say: it is often fair-weather friends eating and drinking, not necessarily true. However, the development of contacts is to begin and the amount of the starting point from which the team can concentrate on the development of the object, take a good first step, the generosity of the people, the atmosphere makes you feel necessary. Low profile by individuals to look to others for Cunduo. This is a "matter of Mencius Qihuan ANESTHESIOLOGY" in the quote, which actually talks about the only way to appreciate your friends. Harvard University Professor John Dewey, interpersonal relations, said the essence of the urgent human needs is the desire to be sure. Cheng Bumiu comment. Even if you are a very generous person, every day, ask a friend to dinner, but the overall conclusion of the arrogant attitude, others will say anything to refute what the estimated number of friends that will not be many. Of course, we are not advocating chaos insincere superficial friends, but to learn to soften stance lower figure, learn to listen carefully to others, although the learning center Cundu others, understanding the causes and his friends say that the position, try to understand them, therefore know its advantages, but also make friends feel they are respected and understood. In summary, to expand contacts, not just the physical effort, a greater focus on the hearts to each other. Maybe not, because they despise one of micro-Rich Dad, do not reduce the struggle of two decades of life partner, but to understand human learning and can be honored to assist with access to multi-party help. But do not be too cheesy With a myopic view of business contacts, others are rich, gold silver, for a time-out villain in front of others is a down and out of the little people who ignore, despise, scorn . Described by the historical novelist Gao Yang "Hongdingshangren" Hu Xueyan, superb people skills to give readers admiration of all, the study of Hu-depth analysis of scholars Shiqiang Zeng Hu highlights is seeing things, they look enough away, never overlooking the small ones. Hongdingshangren read the book know, the old governor of Zhejiang Province, Wang Hu on impact with an absolute fortune, as the king had a poor student with age, but normal, but Hu on complete support, the same investment in a business friendship. The physical and spiritual growth of the China Association of Taipei opened Realtors founder Lai Shuhui make little people when you have a classic case. Shuhui Lai lived in a mansion while carrying out the construction of the real estate agent, after careful observation after she found that all interested buyers of construction, the first door is always first ask the manager if there were no tenants to sell the house ah? Price How much? Interestingly, almost all managers of the answer: You ask Miss Lai lived on the eighth floor, he loved the house sale, so you do not have to look for other developers. In addition, the building urgently want to sell for money is always the first news reached his ears. As a result, Lai Shuhui housing construction in the capital earned in all more than 1,000 yuan. Why managers willing to help Lai Shuhui a favor? The truth is that no one would like a family business, Lai Shuhui through the door every day, they will certainly say hello to the manager on duty that day, will have the opportunity to travel back with some local specialties is an example. See the truth that suffering is not separated from the legend of the hero is a half day when he was ill in hospital with more than 200 friends came to visit. I told our reporter that he was seriously ill for a few minutes he stopped breathing and almost killed, many of his friends woke up to see tears sounded, and suddenly felt his friends really flies so significant. Western experts in behavioral theory that human life is probably over two hundred contacts friends, the core may be fifty years. Most people seem a lot of friends, but was considered slightly personal relationship, such as those working in business dinners, like a rich vein, but in the end was willing to go through anything, does not seem to help warm time has only nodding acquaintance, but may have overlooked, but the real attention, and his friends friendship. How to make friends who cry when they are sick? The easiest way is when they usually are healthy and safe and friendship with them in their time the misfortune to suffer more enthusiastic to help. Established contacts in times of crisis is not only useful but also a very good reputation, make friends of others in the future when needed. Adhere to the principles have to rely on a network of stress, not to chase a villain who turn to make friends but to choose the friendship of shared principles. This is not mentioned in the story is not the heroine Zhu Yanyan, who has always been considered as a network of contacts in the core client, but will not change its principles. Customers wishing to use some proceeds donated to visually impaired people to do public service malaria, the results to the rapid means of activities, found that donations from the life of the products is very close, so I ask for the production of goods, are still struggling, after being rejected several times that led to the unilateral termination of its activities, not only a smaller number of customers have also advanced waste of money. However, this result is that when customers and friends about the incident later, he realized that the cross on top of a friend was relieved because she does not betray the principles that harm others to benefit the people. Therefore, his friend through a reduction of one, who won more popular among people looking. Appeared together popular online technology network of contacts developed have become diverse and complex. Some people, friends of MSN hundred most powerful people, operates a network of stores, but still hundreds of thousands of loyal customers. To some extent, today's Super Girls were very prosperous, but also tens of thousands of people gathered at the clock, as sent text messages to over ten million dollars. On the network to meet friends in real life than in the past year, more than ever known. Internet dating has become fashionable and popular, is also a good friend of the virtual reality of changing channels. Reporters know a boss is a business professional looking car modified car shops decorated. Business of the company just opened a very short time, the man pointing with its network of some of the pilots were removed from the club bulletin board, is now over a year past, he is in a lot of famous people in the BBS, people often refer to in the car to it, to turn the tide of cars, of course, many people spoke spoken to drive the vehicle to his studio to practice. Therefore, in this day and age, if they cling to old ideas, and disdains to network connections, really behind the times. If the card management always fresh, the above is talking about human consciousness from the collection of articles, then this is the last resort murderers pure technical articles on it. Taiwan China was not the famous management guru called Shunren card Yang said more than 16,000 cards of different business people, and after establishing a management card that can be identified in seconds anyone who wants information. It reminds you the opportunity to develop this system is its own company in 2001 resigned from the originals, ** more than 3,000 emails to inform the public the reasons for the resignation of relatives and friends, and thank you for many years to take care, I expected more than 300 letters to start receiving the response, including 16 full-time and part-time. This is a turning point in my life. Yangshun Ren said if it was a phone, you can go left to play less than ten. So I began to card management research, systematic input into the computer in the card, while sixteen of the recommended jobs, select Internet applications for SMEs conference to spend time work . He was the importance of the preservation effort network of people, often write a Hello! Shun me Jen, long time no see, recently had a good or bad? Like the message, distributed to hundreds of friends. Now order your business cards in the hand will not be too late. Yang Shunren results today, said he had also done little by little. In fact, the tool is around me, just use Outlook, you can access the operation immediately. Change to the card every day to comment immediately on the back, including the site of encounter, references, features of interest, and talking to the problems of the talk, the more detailed the better, and then the establishment "new contact" message when playing in the comment column, the future provided that the use of the "Search" may be the nature of man to find out. Shunren Yang explained patiently.
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