Consult a tile salesman problem

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Asked at 2012-05-28 20:39:36
Just contact with the tile ! Some of tile seller was 78 years old factory are pretty money ! They did it before! Now delivered to the factory tile store and go to the receptionist 's not too late ? Customers do not let other people go looking for it ? Please experience the old seller receives tips!
Answer1albatrossAnswered at 2012-05-30 00:15:19
What is the future, 10-15 years , the money of tile and more competition is strong , and very good dry. Or Junk , or the weight of the low price , or arrears . But there is nothing , if they work hard , meaningless, certainly promising. To do things you never do the first , or even the top few returns , provided they do not have to pay to see their writing before not to do similar business. Do not worry , there are several business people who do well is to learn from marketing? There are several companies doing good business management is to learn? Young is the capital , afraid to fall, try again , so you will not regret 44 years.
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