What to wear summer clothes for

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What to wear for summer clothes
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What to wear clothes for summer 2009 clothes style trends is the theme of "casual elegance". In other words, many of the flagship products of this year the brand of clothes are a unique sense of partial leisure clothing, but the overall style is very popular with leisure and neutral wind, but as far as possible, a sense of these clothes casual side with, reflects the feminine elegance. / Take a representative distribution within a high collared shirt scarves, fashion, outside the ride jacket repair waist long pants and then with a pair of jeans this year, the most popular is the year the sense of popular fashion. The casual elegance with a touch of passion, and freedom, luxury and sweet is the basic principle of the visual personality. The performance of fashion products in a single element, this spring began a popular breath, bud skirt, bows, patent leather, gold and silver folk elements and others recommend mixing details. In summary, the clothing trends of 2009 is reflected in the leisure and elegant. Shallow fresh and soft lilac, light blue and gray, blue, gray-blue, deep, faint and far, tranquility and harmony reveals. Romantic, peaceful and beautiful Like shopping at the GM will have a distinct feeling that if you want to buy a year without any modification, hair color elegant winter, it would be difficult. Many feel fashion-conscious this winter have launched the brand with the feeling retro, romantic winter palace, or new products. After this year, the mantle the biggest difference from previous years, is bigger and more popular, and the design was very luxurious, many models are designed with collars, and some have sleeves, like a jacket as the ride in the body . A blend fabric, pure wool and wool is very thick, covered over his body and the cold wind. Tenderness is also easy to clothing trends in 2009: be brilliant on the subject of the tune, like a view from the plane on the roll in the changing sky and white clouds, color and light beautiful together, beauty and tenderness of nature played nice, people have long sought to show a car quietly relaxed joys of life. Some of the most generic of the 2009 clothing trends: a sense of lightness: cascading white chalk, mint green, gray, gray, red, pink and blue colors refreshing lemon and lime light yellow. Size of inspiration: a rich vibrant colors and strong. Magenta, orange, orange, caramel, brown and camel brown. Liang guidelines love skin care network in the fashion trend 2009 Well it is: a smart choice, such as clay, stone gray, ink blue, indigo, violet and lilac, lily, violet and deep purple . Set style: Green is the latest popular alternative to black. Olive green, forest green, moss green, indigo blue, mint green, light gray, bronze and gold.
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