Washed leather pure leather microfiber leather leather leather concept and distinguish between environmental protection related questions

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Washed leather pure leather microfiber leather leather leather concept and distinguish between environmental protection1Adair2012-01-05 19:34:45
Pure washed leather microfiber leather leather leather leather distinguish between the concept and environmental protection
[Note] buy brand clothing, fabric, leather, leather 13544445006 Fusheng1Flaming Spaz 2012-01-29 02:09:57
[ Note] buy designer clothes, fabric , leather Fusheng 13544445006
snakeskin leather or python leather goods2Leopol2012-02-27 03:16:27
Hi - I'm trying to find a supplier of leather handbags and python leather , wallets , purses , belts, etc. I just returned from Bali, and there were some shops selling great products ! I'm looking forward to possibly import and sale here in Australia. Need help ? Thanks , Laura
What is the feature of leather?10auxiliary verb2012-04-27 19:25:27
What is the property of the skin?
Leather shoes2Benedic2012-04-23 08:07:09
Has anyone used this company to buy shoes, Borong Guangzhou Co. , Ltd. We are in the UK , we would like to know if they are legit . The reason we have been cheated many times and each time is more ridiculous than it has cost us thousands of euros. Only a few companies have honest and reliable. Thank you very much , David.
Where to buy cheap leather1Love you like I 〆2011-12-20 23:52:19
near Beijing
How do I find Leather from Myanmar?4Louis2012-03-31 23:20:26
Cowhide row
Friends Come in leather, the printer needs1walrus2012-07-11 02:01:02
Deep Long Jie large and small factory direct universal printer technology , without any restrictions glass materials can be wood , glass , PVC , ABS , acrylic , metal, plastic, stone , leather , U disk shell, silicone , fabrics, etc. true color graphics printing surface of the image. No plate , copy, and chromatography of repetition, bright colors, rich, realistic water , image, sunscreen, wear resistance, acid resistance , not erased , easy operation , fast printing images , type of waste to zero. QQ: 1551931235
How to identify a variety of leather1c4st4w4y 2012-01-28 03:40:27
How to identify any skin type leather , we see that the pores of the skin. Imitation leather and soil is mainly pores can be seen from the identification of the leather section . Sheepskin semi -circular arc on the surface of two to four pores arranged around a fine soft hair and a big hole. Board of cotton and fine leather , soft, small, circular pores Chengbian form a group by number of arranged hair pores widely spaced eyes . Smooth leather surface , surface rough -looking skin , soft , poor, usually used after shaving. Cowhide pores small, round , well distributed and in close collaboration within the pores of the straight section , the fullness of leather, high board light , smooth skin , fine spinning , solid, solid feel, and flexible. The uneven surface of water buffalo leather , leather , some surface roughness , coarse pores that cattle rare , usually they do to make leather and sole. Horse leather , oval-shaped pores, large holes cowhide , leather oblique vein was in the way the leather surfaces soft and loose , brightly colored dark as cowhide. Letter from the outside to feel like leather skin , but the pores do not , the fund animal skin , is the use of synthetic fabrics processed. http://www.qjy168.com/ forum/d_264392.html
Leather handbag manufacturer1 가산명사 2012-02-24 02:29:50
I am looking for a manufacturer of leather handbags high quality to be producing my own designs. I need a number of samples and information such as catalogs, textiles, shipping times , minimum orders , etc. Thank you, mile
[Recommended] car leather seats1Dark Archer 2012-04-17 01:07:43
According to the survey shows that many of the vehicles in use for some time, the leather seats of cars, prone to stains, perspiration erosion, Liangdian, wool pads, traces, or may appear scratched, faded, broken the case. Makes the car has been very high, which is badly worn, the comfort of leather and decorative effect is relatively weak, and distinguished himself as high-end cars do not match. Updated Santo leather technology is mainly equipped with leather seats for premium cars. For high quality leather for the car of a million, wants to change according to the original price of leather is definitely more than three times the price of renovation, and luxury cars today, many are original imported leather seats, very difficult to buy the home to the original skin if the skin is produced locally to dermatoglyphics, color and style is incompatible with the original leather. Compensation will be renovated or partial skin lesions soft, smooth, natural glow to the maximum elastic recovery of the original skin and good permeability; repaired coating has excellent strength and performance of prolonged wet and dry cleaning and style the best way to restore the original leather, but also convert waste into wealth, reducing consumption of animal skins, there is some environmental importance from the economic point of view, high-end cars to repair surface damage occurred also more profitable, therefore exempt from the dermis is the owner renovated the best option for the problem. 63_1131424210.jpg (0 Bytes) :02008-downloads 6-19 9:28 collections - Collection> Value Share -> _ TOPaimgcount Doherty [332241] = [28969]; attachimgshow (332,241) / / ArrayTmUsr [1] = "xj0855 "/ / Array3Days [1] =" 2 ", users [1] =" xj0855 "xj0855xj0855 Send Message Add to friends xj0855 (xj0855) Post UID102709 Digest Posts 0 Credits 66 Posts 22 44 Prestige experience 0 0 access to reading Sex copper Female 20 0 hours to hours of time online last login 25.05.2008 19.06.2008 diligence post 22 points, 66 experience the essence of copper 44 0 0 20 February Prestige 0 Reading Access published on # 06.19.2008 11:26 | search the vehicle fuel enhancer: 8% -28% fuel savings, reduce maintenance costs, increase engine power fuel AUTOMAX enhancer nanotechnology (ENF) is a highly concentrated fuel enhancer, is a nanotechnology applications special liquids, the play of the world comparable to the other enhancers of a variety of unique effect is difficult to save up to 28% of engine power fuel and reduce harmful exhaust gases to engine life 20% up to 98% in favor of the environment http :/ / blog.bosslink.com/132014/viewspace-34502.htmlQQ: 29416023415858532062
How do I find cow leather tannery?2ambriel2012-09-26 03:24:03
I am looking for work on European and American Leather Tannery producing cow end HGH and buffalo leather Handbags and Purses fonished in Vietnam

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