Washed leather pure leather microfiber leather leather leather concept and distinguish between environmental protection

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Pure washed leather microfiber leather leather leather leather distinguish between the concept and environmental protection
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The arrival of winter, leather hot phase. Consumers can easily find careful, now both in the mall or online shopping, retailers marked "Pure Skin", "leather", "wash leather" and other titles that people often get confused. Professionals said that the name change of a word, leather material is very different. The city of Shenyang, Liaoning Province, Ho recently to buy a sheepskin coat over the Internet, but seeing the store, more afraid to buy. He has observed that some leather was being done as "pure cotton flock," and some called the "real sheepskin" is not called "washing sheepskin" In addition, some companies texture leather is called "Green Book", "super-fiber skin." Dazzling variety of titles and prices vary greatly, the high price of one yuan 3000, the lowest bid as long as 400. In this regard, Tong Liaoyang City, Liaoning Province, the second Fort consumers high-quality leather professional markets said, a lot of learning leather material, divided into the following categories from the point of view, the name, grade, step by step, is also different. Full leather. After labeling of pure leather, which can determine the material is sheepskin or leather pig, but also by the level of pure grade leather. First category, the minimum cost of clothing pigskin, sheepskin, the higher the price of goat sheep skin. Second, the material in the manufacture of cigars Pippi in the first layer and second layer of the skin, head and skin of higher prices and better quality. If the first layer of leather and in terms of perception of the second floor, texture, physical and chemical properties, structure, appearance, comfort, service life, price, quality, etc. There are clear differences. Different methods: the first layer of skin texture with a clear three were stained papillary layer and fiber layer. Other two. Dermis. Conceptually, the dermis is the difference between people's skin natural synthetic leather while it is called a habit. Concept of consumer, in fact, a wide range of leather, the variety of quality, prices are also significant differences between the commodities market, so that leather is an ambiguous title. However, a common process, will join the crush broken tail skin agent, and then mold the cerebral cortex, also commonly known as the dermis. Using this synthetic leather processing, clothing, of course, the cost is much lower. Different methods: synthetic leather surface without pores, the cortical surface of the water, blowing from the other side, synthetic leather no air bubbles. Washed leather, microfiber leather, green leather. Washed leather, micro fiber material such as leather or leather clothing environment, leather clothing and the basic look and very similar to, but usually with PVC plasticizers and other additives added rolling down the fabric made of composite material. With pure leather or leather clothing compared to the price of these cheap clothes leather, rich color, variety of patterns, but easy to harden, become brittle. Distinguish methods: inspection of the edge of the seam, the material basis of leather with cotton fabric, a small sponge-like tissue in the cortex. Expert Tip: Indicators of high quality leather and the identification of quality leather garments, mainly in the following aspects: the color fastness, adhesion of the coating, the use of materials, strength and processing of leather . Consumers to buy leather, you should consider the following: First, we must recognize the clothing brand Mingpi, specifications, name and address of manufacturer, do not buy unregistered trademarks that are not marked with the manufacturer's products in the second , there must be cast leather clothing, crack pulp, pulp of such phenomena must be big and flexible, all dressed the same color, no color, flower color, smooth, fine-grained, three of "touch" "smell", "View", "touch" the softness, elasticity fat, well, "smell" the smell that strong, to smell like "see" depends Zhengyi is too thin, with or without loose face to from the skin, green skin and so on. The overall effect of skin thickness, width, color, with the right combination, the smaller the difference between primary and secondary education to the best part. No loose fullness and sensory quality of checkpoints leather surface. Leather feel full leather processing refers to the fiber dispersion moderate, did not suffer too much damage, so that the fibers of the skin still maintain a certain configuration of space and good flexibility. Loose side-grain leather is empty loose surface fibers, the density decreases. Inspection may be oriented grain leather flexed 90 degrees, a greater surface grain lines, flat, wrinkle is the loose surface is not completely disappear. Besides, life is very long leather, demanding texture leather accessories, zippers, buttons are generally excellent copper products, leather lining and silk production of higher quality.
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