Seeking pointing - Freight Rates

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Asked at 2012-05-27 22:55:45
Looking pointing - is a foreign shipping quote my novice, new to the trade over a month , more than a month in front of the computer mixed with a British customer wants to finally have a single casualty. But I worry , because he wanted to help him count shipping, factory since I am a person engaged in foreign trade , there is no right to export . Our engineers are given a price does not include shipping costs are not included in the price, I reported that according to the price of FOB price , is there any difference between. I am less afraid of the reports. If the carrier is not to find anything you can give? These customs, quality inspection , which also forwarding to get it? There are taxes that moment how the matter completely clueless. What problems are expert guidance
Answer1MichellAnswered at 2012-06-29 04:52:11
Customs , quality inspection , which we express courier companies can get as long as you have products , all the things we can get transportation , please contact me ! !
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