How do I find plastic from Turkey?

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I stands for safety. Where to find
Answer1BellaAnswered at 2012-05-27 23:19:54
How to get a refund on some things Request Western Union money you need Serial Number of receipts for money orders 1.Get a refund money order Western Union by taking your receipt of purchase to the place of purchase money order. In most cases, you can fill out an application for tracking / reimbursement, and reimbursement will be sent to you within 30 days. 2.Obtain a Request tracking / reimbursement of the store where you purchased the money order , even if you do not have the receipt, but you know the serial number of 11 digits and the amount of the payment order . Fill out the form, including the serial number , the amount of the payment order , and any other information you have. Follow the instructions to calculate the handling fee is required. 3.Call money from Western Union customer service at 1-800-999-9660 and ask for an affidavit. The statement serves as a substitute for your receipt. When the affidavit form arrives, fill out and have your signature notarized. 4.Send both the affidavit and the application form tracking / reimbursement to the address on the application form tracking / reimbursement. Include the required processing fee . If you act quickly and make your request before the payment order is effective , you can expect a refund within 30 days. Otherwise, it may take longer . In the case of the payment order has been cashed , Western Union reserves the right to require a bond as collateral to issue a refund pending the completion of its investigation. When the person with your receipt Western Union name will take action.
Answer2MartinAnswered at 2012-05-27 23:59:09
Try to find suppliers of gold with more than two years as a Gold Member on Alibaba , I ask refrences , check and make sure that you will get what you paid, if you are not sure this would not be better to take the risk >> ,> If you are looking for electronic brands that is not in the right place to buy this >> If you are looking for the mark does not , ensure quality, most dealers offer cheap price can deliver what you are looking for, but the quality is too weak >> be better to use a third party to do so. >> Thank you.
Answer3IsaaAnswered at 2012-05-29 01:14:49
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If you can not find the products you want from a country / region of your choice , try searching for the products of neighboring countries - for example, if you can not find suppliers in India , you may be able to find providers of Pakistan. < / P > < / div >

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