Suit the requirements of modern costume and features

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Meeting the needs of modern dress and features
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Over the years, several men in clothes, the way of quality (the system) are basically the same, and the oldest is the costume. As suits the style of orthodox social status and dignity in the name of men, in essence, the strength of character and charm, after 200 years is still alive and well. Since the social and economic development and technological progress of textile, sewing and fabrics used in clothing and accessories have been major changes, but the basic requirements for basic sewing costumes have not changed. Since the 20th century, 90 years, designing and making costumes, despite some changes, but simply in the style of play of innovation. Compared with traditional costumes, new and modern style adapts to the implementation of the most obvious change in the production process and the concept of the dress. First, it uses less per unit mass, fall soft, good quality and fine wool fabric. The fabric colors and patterns more abundant, bright, easy, natural, very modern. Secondly, the cutting process with the European Union popular "soft cut", so that adapts to the shape of a smoother and more natural. A costumes and more rounded shoulder pads thin shoulders, back smooth, the lines are not rigid, and waist, the waist relaxed, comfortable and more relaxed than the average demand, adjusted naturally rational, the arm can be extended comfortable clothing, and body suits are the traditional long form is more casual, not formal, not formal. Thirdly, the use of materials, the emphasis on the use of high quality materials, such as general purpose fusible interlining, such as carbon black coating and coating materials, feel more soft, light, good conformation, comfortable wear. Fourth, the models tend to accommodate both serious and novel in the traditional sense of a single row double buckle buckle and two four, based on the development of a variety of three buttons, four or six buckle buckle, shirt open, or putting panties After the cuts, patch pockets different design, using a more modern style, you can display a man's masculinity, but also reflects the recent years, men in the sleek, smooth style, nice searching. This paper focuses on the international scene in recent years, the popular demand for new style, men's suit focuses on a costume sewing process different from the basic requirements and main features. Suit Jacket Women and the requirements of the site is well known that the quality of the merits of a lawsuit, mainly because of its internal structure and material of the decision. Although fashion is constantly changing, but each club is still the coating build by the "skeleton" and "backbone" with the fabric and the good compatibility between align to create a beautiful suit of external morphology. Due to adapt to different styles and regional differences in the production process, something lining the suit jacket of selected varieties and parts of clothing and coverings size specifications will be some differences, but the site of a regular game of dress and coating specifications are basically the same. Suitable for the production process and the way we look at home and abroad continue to play lining of the production process, summarized in 3 types, namely, traditional crafts, the semi-traditional techniques and modern technology, adequate follow-lined jacket also has three different ways. Traditional crafts produced in traditional costumes costumes technology, also known as lined wool suit. This process is currently the nursing home and abroad, high quality designer suits tailored suit production process preferred. All wool-suit traditional crafts methods deck coating coating, ie a suit jacket large body, head split and noodles and other parties have interlining, lining all use high quality carbon black. The chest and shoulder dress with black smoke shell made of high quality, high density lining velvet tail and the combination of chest lining of the chest. Sew costumes this process, the clothes not only the body fit, comfort, and adapt to the shape, soft lines, three-dimensional feeling strong. In particular, the formation of a comprehensive breast suit and crisp. Because of this demand is mainly sewing manual, a very elegant, more hours devoted to the production process, choice of fabrics and accessories are very high production costs such high demand, the cost of a full trial 5 ~ 6 times. Half-suit halfway through a process traditional traditional traditional costume, based on appropriate technology to simplify training, maintains the main characteristics of traditional crafts, suits made by this process, also known as semi-tailored wool coat. Usually covered walls are 2 ways: One is the demand before the relevant parts of the garment woven interlining to the lining of the large body binding, and the lining of the first division is aligned with the carbon black, and the other is in the suit interlining vintage clothing in the union of a large rotating body lining, and then in many parts of the body above the waist section covering high quality carbon black lining of the chest decide, lining of the head is separated from the walls of the same carbon black. Films can be cut coating the lining of the chest and divide the main coating along the cutting head can also be divided with the main head and chest lining lining lining are cut and cover, the industry after a practice commonly known as the "head split excavation" process. Chest and shoulders, like carbon black coating made of high quality, high-density shell of the tail of velvet and chest made of a combination of lining of the chest. Produced by this process of costumes, clothing and hail is the body of the softer light, with fit and comfort. Compared with traditional process suits, it is relatively easy to practice, time, processing costs have decreased, but not as a preserve clothes fit the traditional process. Modern technology has brought modern technology is applied in the home and equipment of the production line abroad advanced production techniques used in the costumes, the costumes made by this process, also known as interline suit. And semi-modern technology with traditional craftsmanship traditional difference is that a larger body suits first major split head lining and the lining are replaced interlining with carbon black lining textiles, and much of the body gaskets and the head is generally divided, and even for cutting and pasting together, as well as covering the chest and the shoulder of the cover made extensive use of pre-processing of the combination of the breast form coating (cladding open) accordance with the requirements of process directly on the assembly line sewing and clothing; third suit against the plastic substrates commonly used leading to a better life at the end of it, the attraction is a standardized form, which can conform to the shape of collar and better equipped. The coating technology of modern dress requires lightweight, soft and flexible to reflect fully the light of current demand, hail quiet, soft comfortable using. The absorption of modern technology in traditional costumes and traditional dress semi-technology nature of most of the sewing operations in highly automated machinery and equipment instead of manual operation, especially for a large variety of costumes career and ordinary mass production suits. As the main demand of the production process, such as cutting, gluing, sewing, ironing and do not use advanced processing machinery and equipment, only to improve the productivity of the costumes, but also reduces significantly production costs. Coating materials and cover a suit brought quality process as described above, the quality of play and the design and development, and other factors related to foreign investment, and the selection of auxiliary materials and cover the process surface coating is also closely related. With the scientific and technological progress and development of new textile materials, modern suits made of fabrics and accessories used in the comparison with the past, many changes. New style wool suit, not only in the selection tends to be lighter and very contemporary, but the selection of accessories, there are many different and, if the textile interlining is more flexible than in the past, light, flexible variety of hot melt adhesive, coating method and the finishing process, it also has many improvements. The use of carbon black lining and chest lining heartless velvet tail and lighter units, touch, flexibility and endurance better. Soft coating materials soft, moisture permeability, anti-static performance is better. Lining and coating of environmental performance, such as free formaldehyde content of toxic and hazardous dyes and restricted standards and thus have more stringent, which are to match the quality has been improved to make use more comfortable and secure. To use modern technology to satisfy the primary backing, adapted to cover not only simplifies the coating process, improve production efficiency, but also the product quality and stability. Correctly matched with the material, provided that the interlining, the melting process parameters is reasonable, the inherent quality suit can be guaranteed. The traditional process of review in suits coating, the coating still use carbon black, hand-lining the main deck can be configured according to user needs and characteristics of the individual well-cut and sewn to ensure quality costumes consistent. Today, costumes high as handmade costumes and international brands are mostly using the coating process of the traditional roof. Suitable for the production process is different from the requirements and characteristics of the clothing is also different.
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